Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


Put The Needle On The Record

If you feel a need to whet your vinyl record appetite in anticipation of Record Store Day, The East Hill Yard will provide just the event to do so this Thursday night.

Local musicians Aaron Finlay and Sean Peterson will take to their turntables for what is becoming a semi-regular vinyl-only DJ set at The Yard, an eatery and bar located in the northwestern wing of the old Sacred Heart Hospital on 12th Avenue.

Finlay and Peterson have played in several bands together over the past ten years. Both are currently members of Imaginary Air Show, and their DJ sets are one of multiple side projects for each.

Pulling records—new and old—from their individual collections, Peterson and Finlay take turns playing favorite tunes, reacting to the other’s selections. The two play a range of genres, from jazz to folk to indie dance music.

“We’re more music enthusiasts who happen to dig vinyl,” explains Peterson, who says their sets are more about setting a mood rather than inciting a raging dance party, as many people commonly associate DJ sets of late. Says Peterson: “There is no scratching.”

Having opened up shop last fall in the former Madison’s location, The Yard now hosts live music every Thursday night in an intimate setting more akin to a jazz club than a concert hall.

Peterson credits East Hill Yard owner Josh Flores with providing an open and friendly venue for local musicians, which also includes an outdoor stage with a view of Cordova Square, one of East Hill’s many characteristic City parks.

An audio engineer by day, Peterson says he occasionally purchases digital downloads, but both he and Finlay dedicate much of their music-purchasing budgets to records. “Of course, there are things on my iPod I wish I could play, but we are committed to playing vinyl,” says Peterson of The Yard sets, “it’s a more interactive way to listen to music.”

What: Aaron & Sean Spinning Records
When: Thursday, April 18, 6-9 p.m.
Where: The East Hill Yard, 1010 N. 12th Ave., #111