Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


Why Local Matters

This “stay local” thing isn’t just a trend or a catch phrase. It’s a real movement based on culture, quality of life and macroeconomics.

There’s undeniable positive economic impact that comes when we commit to keeping our money in our local economy. According to the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), “$100 spent at local independents generated $45 of secondary local spending, compared to $14 for a big-box chain.” That means when you give your money to local businesses, they are turning around and giving a lot of it back to the community. How? By creating local jobs and buying and using other local goods and services. Like when local restaurants buy produce from area farms and markets or when they buy ads in locally owned papers (like the one you’re reading).

The other benefits of staying local aren’t as easy to quantify, but they are just as real. Small businesses invest in our community, give it character and contribute to our overall quality of life. Just think about it—why do you like living in Pensacola? What keeps you here? What do you look forward to on the weekends? I bet your answer wasn’t “Eating at Applebee’s” or “Shopping at Wal-Mart” was it?

Pensacola wouldn’t be Pensacola without places like Joe Patti’s and Pensacola Hardware, restaurants like The Fish House and Global Grill and entertainment staples like Seville Quarter. Small businesses weave together to help create the fabric of our community. No coupon or free shipping offer can replace that.

It’s never been easy to own a small business. Trust us, we know. The IN is about as small as they come. But now that most local retailers are competing with national chains and the Internet for your business, it’s even more of a struggle.  That’s why we think it’s more important now than ever before to commit to stay local whenever possible and invest in the businesses that have invested in our community.

We hope you agree and take us up on our “Stay Local Saturday” challenge.