Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 23rd 2017


Transmute Plays Local Showcase at Vinyl

By Hana Frenette

Transmutes music speaks for itself. Just without words.

We dont have a lyricist or a vocalist, so sometimes its hard to interject meaning into the songs, Joey Amspacher said. But we do really love being an instrumental band.

The Pensacola band incorporates many abstract sounds and unusual synth noises into their music, giving the songs a sometimes sci-fi sounding essence.

In the beginning of the song Logos off their EP The Lema, released last year, an older mans voice can be heard, as though lecturing or giving a speech of some sort.

The guy talking is a man named Alan Watts, Amspacher said. Hes a really smart dude and someone we all really like.

Alan Watts was a British philosopher who was best known for discussing Eastern Philosophy. Another philosopher named Aleister Crowley can also be heard on the EP.

Transmutes music brings a certain level of strangeness, but despite the ethereal other-worldly sounds that often resonates throughout the album.

Sean Peterson recorded the album and hes a friend of ours and a really nice guy, Amspacher said. And we have a really great synth player, and its just kind of his thing to come up with a lot of those sounds you hear on the record.

Transmute will be playing their seventh show at Vinyls Local Showcase with Paloma, Pioneers! O Pioneers and Dinosaur Daze. Their first show was at the Break.

It could have been much worse, Amspacher said. When youre first starting out, you cant be too picky.

The crowd at the Break can be a tough one to please. Especially if there isnt a cover song in sight, or a danceable beat to be heard.

Their set at Vinyl will include several things that they were unable to incorporate into their first show.

Well have a huge screen with a few different projectors, a lot of extra visuals and lights that wouldnt normally be there, he said. We want to try and have a well-rounded show with several elements to enjoy.

And although the band doesnt have any particular lyrics to follow or switch around, they appreciate structure in the set list.

There are things we try to stay close to, although we will experiment a little with some of the sounds from the album, Amspacher said. Well be playing a lot of new stuff at this show though.

Later in the year, the band is planning on releasing a new record, and then possibly touring the country.

Were just kind of feeling out the logistics of touring right now, he said.

Touring and the possible new album aside, the band is just excited to be playing in Pensacola with their fellow musicians.

Pensacola has a lot of really great bands and were just glad to be a part of it and to be highlighting it in a cool way, Amspacher said.

WHAT: Transmute with Paloma, Pioneers! O Pioneers and Dinosaur Daze
WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday, April 26
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $5