Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday July 17th 2018


A New World for Pioneers! O Pioneers!

By Sarah McCartan

It’s about growth and progress. But above all it’s about honesty. With two EPs under their belts, the now four-piece local rock band, Pioneers! O Pioneers!, is well on their way to creating their first, full length album.

Thanks to Indiegogo’s online funding platform, Pioneers is already a quarter of the way to meeting their desired goal to cover recording costs. Much like Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows supporters to select a contribution amount, starting with a single dollar. The band has designated perks to align with various contribution levels, ranging from album downloads to breakfast handcrafted by drummer, Jason Leger, and even a private house show.

Guitarist Michael Bishop provided the IN with additional insights into the new album, new chapter and new world for Pioneers.

IN: Where did the title “New World” come from?
BISHOP: “New World” came about as a title during a bit of a brainstorm at practice one night a month or so ago. Currently it’s a tentative title so that we could give a common theme with what we’re hoping to put out this year. “New World” encompasses the theme that has come to live in the songs we’ve written. It’s almost a reinterpretation of the world around you regardless of how little it’s changed. It’s a realization that all things you know may not be truthful in the way you know them. I’d say “New World” encompasses this search for truth and honesty.

IN: Does this album mark a new direction for Pioneers?
BISHOP: Overall I would say this album is going to be a lot darker when compared to our EP, both lyrically and musically speaking. It’s going to be grittier and more straightforward than I think any of us have ever played. When we put out “There’s No Ghost Left to Haunt This Home” a lot of the songs were part two’s to songs I’d written when I was a teenager.

With those older songs, a lot of the idea was to try and write something a little more hopeful than maybe what I was thinking. But after a while you begin to feel a bit dishonest. I don’t want to write music to make people feel ashamed or sad. But I want to be honest. I like to think we’re all searching for truth in life and the first step is admitting what life for each and every one of us has become.

IN: How much of the album have you written, and how collaborative is the process this time?
BISHOP: At this stage we have the majority of the album written. There are quite a few songs where I’ve really only brought the lyrics and Ben, Jason and Ric have brought the initial structure before we tweak it. The process this time around is just a lot different than before. We were a three piece before so a lot of the arrangement fell on my vocals and guitars. This time around it’s nice to take the backseat on some of this and help tweak the ideas of the others.

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WHAT: Surfer Blood, Pioneers! O Pioneers! and Imaginary Airshow
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 29
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $12 – $14