Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 26th 2017


House District 2 Race, Radcliffe Interview

David Radcliffe is a business owner and insurance agent from Gulf Breeze. The District 2 Republican candidate is armed with a list of issues he hopes to address if voters send him to Tallahassee.

IN: What would you hope to accomplish if you won this election?

Radcliffe: I think sending me to Tallahassee, down therenumber one, to fight for, in the near future, to fight for BP RESTORE money. Making sure that it actually gets here. And getting government out of the way so that businesses can grow and develop. Another hot-button issue, especially for my insurance business and everything here, construction. Construction is absolutely what drives this economy in this area. Get doing something. Fight with the banks, the mortgage companies, getting all these foreclosed houses off the books, out of the way, so the market can return to some normalcy, where people canthe construction industry can get cranked back up in this area.
Another hot button issue, while not exactly in this territory, or in this district, but in Santa Rosa County, protecting the military investment. Whiting Field up there, so Santa Rosa County, is of tremendous importance. Making sure that the area around that is protected, that theres not too much growth in it.

IN: Im gonna throw a few topics at you to get your thoughts.

Radcliffe: Alright.

IN: Guns.

Radcliffe: Pro gun. Theres already plenty enough regulations on the books. Support for conceal-carry, you know, we need to clarify what conceal carrytheres a little issue going on down there now where people briefly expose, you know, a lady would open her purse and her gun would be in it and somebody could see it and then theyd want to come after, harass, you know the people with the conceal-carry, people get harassed about it and everything, because, I meanIm totally pro-gun. And there is enough regulations on the books right now. I went to the gun show this weekend, I couldnt buy a gun out there without a background check, you know, its been that way forever.

IN: What about gay marriage or domestic partnership?

Radcliffe: Im not gonna take a position on that. I dont think we need to have all that. I dont know the answer to that one.

IN: What about healthcare?

Radcliffe: Healthcare is going to be a huge issue and I think premiums on that are going to go way up. Coverage is going to get more scarce, the doctors are going to fuss because of the pay scales that are going to be imposed on them and everything. Its going to be very difficult for them to even deliver servicesfor the doctors and hospitals and the medical providers to provide services.
One thing, in the health insurance businessIm so glad Ive gotten out of the health insurance businessagents are gone. I mean, youre not gonna find people that in the past helped you understand health insurance, buy the correct policies. Now youre going to have, the term they use now is navigator, to help you pick from among the couple of plans that they say are approved. And were going to end having the governmentlike when you sign up for Medicareyou make the phone call to somebody at some call center somewhere and they do it. The agents are out of the program. I think thats a huge change and not for the good.