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Wednesday August 21st 2019


Hangout ’13: For the Love… of Grizzly Bear

Thank god Grizzly Bear wasn’t available for pre-fest interviews, because things would have gotten pretty ugly around the IN office deciding who got that assignment—given that they top just about all of our individual “must see” lists. We know they aren’t an official “headliner” per se, but to us they are.

Some of us have seen them before. Some haven’t. Some have and want a redo due to heat related issues. We are all grateful they are playing on the first day of the fest—so we won’t be too tired to fully enjoy it. We also all wanted to write about why we’re excited to see them—so we decided not to fight over it. Here are our love notes to one of the bands we love the most.

Sarah: May 7 was tell a friend about Grizzly Bear day. But if it was up to me, everyday would be tell a friend about Grizzly Bear day. My first up close bear sighting was at Bonnaroo 2009. Though I locked my legs and halfway passed out, seeing the bear live changed my life. It will change yours too.

Jason: I’ve loved music in some form for as long as I can remember. When I was three, I would run around the house I grew up in singing Charlie Pride songs, and I had no idea what the words meant. An affinity for music has stuck with me. Grizzly Bear embody everything I love about music. Passion, originality, urgency, introspection, shimmer. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see them up to now, but I’m very ready for my head to spin.

Jessica: Little fireworks of happiness went off in my soul when I saw Grizzly Bear—whom I regard as one of the most distinct and sonically wonderful “indie” bands to surface in the 2000s—was added to the Hangout lineup. I’ve only seen them perform once before in an old movie theater in Dallas, June 2009—the AC wasn’t working, and the at-capacity crowd was pouring sweat along with the band. I was trying not to pass out. Hangout, with its Gulf breeze, has to be more comfortable than that, right?

Joani: After seeing them live back in ’09 Jay-Z called Grizzly Bear “incredible.” And while I tend to take everything Mr. Carter says as gospel, I’m excited to finally see for myself. They’ve been on my musical “bucket list” for what feels like forever now, so I’ve got a pretty long dream set list. But given that their “Friend” EP friends Dirty Projectors are going to be at Hangout too, I’m going to go ahead and say that live take of “Alligator (Choir Version)” would make me pretty much the happiest girl on the beach. Can we make that happen please?

Friday, 5–6:15 p.m.
Chevrolet Stage

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