Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Hangout ’13: Just Following Along

by Sarah McCartan & Joani Delezen

There are those who use social media, there are those who abuse social media and then there are those that the IN staff has labeled as “follow-worthy” on social media. And with good reason of course.  Here are a few of the IN’s favorite festival acts to follow—in general and especially this weekend. I mean, if Bethany from Best Coast Instagrams herself drinking a Corona at Flora-Bama, we want to know about it. Don’t you?

Amber Coffman, Dirty Projectors
Instagram: @amber_coffman
Twitter: @Amber_Coffman

The Dirty Projectors vocalist posts a mix of “official” band related stuff and personal musings. Even her re-tweets are always worth reading. And she’s got a good eye, so her ‘grams of standards like flowers and food are actually worth looking at. For even more from the DP’s, follow @DavidLongstreth and @DirtyProjectors on Twitter.

Bethany Cosentino, Best Coast
Instagram: @bscbscbsc
Twitter: @best_coast

Cats. Beer. Lots of love for ‘90s TV shows, movies and fashion. And selfies galore. That’s what you’ll find if you follow the Best Coast frontwoman.

Edward “Ed” Droste, Grizzly Bear
Instagram: @edroste
Twitter: @edwarddroste

Tasteful, artsy, detailed and simply delightful. I would expect nothing less from one of Grizzly Bear’s leading men. If you fancy traveling as much as you do music, you have met your match in Ed. Although individually Ed is the most active band member on both platforms, be sure to follow @Grizzlybear on Twitter to be constantly entertained.

Ellie Goulding
Instagram: @elliegoulding
Twitter: @elliegoulding

See this British blonde bombshell’s outfit pairings and fabulous shoes, plus catch glimpses of her dazzling stage performances. Goulding also shares her affinity for running. She recently teamed up with Nike to encourage more women to run, and even released a remix album for added motivation.

Hannah Hooper, Grouplove
Instagram: @ladygrouplove
Twitter: @LadyGrouplove

If you enjoy a healthy mix of environmental portraits and down-home fun, follow the lady of Grouplove as she documents each tour stop from her perspective. For more antics, be sure to follow @GROUPLOVE on both platforms.

Jared Followill, Kings of Leon
Instagram: @jaredfollowill
Twitter: @youngfollowill

Aside from his Twitter headline being “I make your seats vibrate,” the Kings of Leon bassist’s Twitter persona is strikingly more down to earth than his stage presence. Since he is married to a model after all, it should come as no surprise that pictures of their dolled up pup find their way onto his Instagram feed.

Questlove, The Roots
Instagram: @questlove
Twitter: @questlove

If you don’t already follow Questlove, you’re missing out on a lot. Music history, social politics, candid photos of super famous people and random pics and insights from around NYC that will make you feel like you know all the coolest spots in Brooklyn, even if you’ve never been there. Our goal for the weekend is to get a re-tweet to his 2.6 million followers. You heard that, Quest?

Ra Ra Riot
Instagram: @rarariot
Twitter: @rarariot

Go on a virtual tour and take a photo adventure on the band’s Instagram. Ra Ra Riot has also been known to post last minute ticket giveaways on Twitter, so who knows what they will be offering during Hangout weekend. Perhaps even a hangout session.

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