Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 18th 2019


Hangout ’13: Guest Stars

by Joani Delezen

One of the best parts of music festivals are the surprise on-stage collaborations that happen from time to time. Sometimes they are predictable, sometimes not.  This year’s line-up has plenty of bands that are somehow connected, so we are hoping to see at least one or two guest stars sit in. And who knows, maybe someone will be late again and we’ll get another Hangout Fest cover set by a superstar band.

Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors
They’ve made a song together, been photographed for GQ magazine together and hail from the same borough, so this one is pretty much a no-brainer.  “Brooklyn Takes Over the Beach”—that’s right, we’re already imagining the Pitchfork headline.

The Roots and Jim James
Did you know that the Roots remade “Dear God”—a track fronted by James on the “Monsters of Folk” record? Yep, there’s a “Dear God” 2.0 out there. And it’s really good. They are set to play together in New York in June, so maybe they’ll agree to a practice run this weekend.

Kings of Leon & some seagulls
Not that we want to see their set cut short or anything—honestly we don’t, we just think it would be really funny if they had another run-in with some feathered foes.

The Shins and Dirty Projectors vocalists Haley Dekle and Amber Coffman
According to Brooklyn Vegan it’s happened before, so we’re hoping it happens again. “Phantom Limb” is what they did before, so that’s probably a safe bet, but we’d love to hear the DP’s ladies take on just about any Shins jam.

Jim James and Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Sure, Preservation Hall Jazz Band isn’t on the line-up, but they are only a few hours away so it’s not too much of stretch to think that their friend and producer Jim James might invite them over to jam. The upcoming album James produced for the band, “That’s It,” is their first ever album of all original music.

Solange Knowles
According to her tour schedule she isn’t scheduled to be anywhere and anyone that follows her on Instagram knows she’s a fan of music festivals so maybe, just maybe she’ll swing down. She’s got plenty of friends on the line-up that hopefully would be more than happy to let her steal their spotlight for a bit.

Grizzly Bear & Phoenix
Grizzly Bear just remixed the new Phoenix single “Entertainment” and the Phoenix tour is on a break until May 23, so maybe they’ll stop by the beach on their way to Spain?

Questlove & Chancellor Warhol
CW supported Questlove before so this one isn’t really that far fetched, but it would still be fun.

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