Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday August 21st 2019


IN’s Guide to Hangout Fest ’13

The third time might have been the charm, but we’re pretty convinced this fourth year of Hangout Music Fest will be even more legendary. How could it not be with both Tom Petty and Stevie Wonder headlining?

Inside this special edition, the IN has once again packed all the necessities for you to map out your picture perfect festival weekend—including a breakdown of what you can, can’t and really should have in your bag, plus an actual map and complete schedule.

On top of interviews with several bands, we’ve thrown in some special treats for you, including a look at Hangout’s leading ladies and angelic male voices, some not too far-fetched mashups we are crossing our fingers happen, and who we deem “follow-worthy” on Twitter.

Since it’s not all about the headliners, or what we love most, we also went ahead and enlarged the lineup’s fine print for you—dissecting the less familiar festival acts. After all, a festival wouldn’t be a festival without discovering a new band to love and cherish, would it? We think not.

Just remember, as heavenly as this year’s lineup is, if you see a bright white light, although you could be on the verge of ascending into the sky in a state of pure elation, more than likely you are on your way to passing out. That’s right—the only double-fisting you should be doing this weekend is with your sunscreen in one hand, and your water bottle in the other.

Drink up so you don’t end up melting down, and get ready to “Hangout” this weekend. We’ll see you on the beach.

IN Interviews:
Projections on Love
Less Ra Ra, More Riot
Sound the Alarm: Bloc Party is Back
One Last Splash
Letting the Love Grow
Four Questions with Luella and the Sun
Running the Show
Kickoff the Party With Lotus

IN Staff Picks & Extras:
For the Love… of Grizzly Bear
Put on Your Dance Pants
Angels on the Main Stages
Girl Crushing
That’s a Rap
NOLA at Hangout
Reading the Fine Print
The Jams are Here to Stay
Guest Stars
In The Bag
Just Following Along
IN at Hangout