Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday July 23rd 2019


Do It Like A Local

Dos and Don’ts for Memorial Day Weekend
By Lindsay Rae Meyers

Remember that song “Wear Sunscreen”? Just do it. Apply before you leave home and reapply every 30 minutes. No, SPF 4 does not count. No, tanning oil doesn’t count either. Bonus points if you can recruit someone to help you with this task.

Drink water… and then drink more water.

Carpool out to the beach from town—don’t waste any more precious sunshine waiting on the Three Mile Bridge than you have to.

Plan on being at the beach at 6 a.m. or bring your bicycle and be prepared to park your car halfway to Navarre.

Have a designated driver if you are drinking.

Spend a night under the stars—just get a group of friends, a beach blanket and let the sound of crashing waves and dance music lull you to sleep.

Pack a cooler with frozen water bottles and your beverages of choice—remember aluminum and plastic only.

Make new friends. Go talk to that tent full of Auburn/Alabama/Florida/Florida State fans.

Make a meet-up plan if you get separated from your friends—don’t trust this to a phone that could take an accidental dip in the Gulf.

Try a Bushwhacker, that delicious milkshake-y drink that calls Pensacola home.

Eat like a local—try some raw oysters, fresh gulf shrimp, crab, or some beer from Pensacola Bay Brewery.

Ever say “Sexacola.” Just, no.

Leave cigarette butts—or any trash—on the beach. Please and thank you.

Go topless without copious amounts of sunscreen. Trust us on this.

Miss seeing downtown Pensacola while you’re here—get across the bridge and discover another Pensacola.

Swim out farther than you feel comfortable—rip tide can take you far out quickly, play it safe.

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