Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 20th 2018


Game Changers 2013

Each year, the IN compiles a list of people in our community whose efforts improve various aspects of local life in meaningful ways—individuals we consider Game Changers.  Many game changers have worked consistently behind the scenes and have come to the IN’s attention through the stories we cover; others are so large and visible (think: Pensacola Ice Flyers) that everyone in town knows their name.

Regardless of their lines of work, Game Changers are among the most innovative and dedicated of Pensacolians. From coaches and politicians, to businesspeople and farmers, these Game Changers strive to make Pensacola the best it can be for everyone through their respective endeavors.

Here’s our list of people who are working to make Pensacola better—the 2013 Game Changers.

Justin Beck

Jenny Doyle
Mark Faulkner
Robert Hill
Pensacola Ice Flyers
Buck Lee
Mark Lee, Cherry Fitch and Gary Michael
Anita Lesko
John Myslak
Ed Ranelli
Elaine Sargent
Albert Sengstock
Rev. Rick Sosbe
Sandy Veilleux
Christian Wagley
Rev. Lonnie Wesley III
Steve Williams
Denny Wilson
Beverly Zimmern