Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018


Web Extra: The Gringos Are Back

By Sarah McCartan

It’s been quite a few years since Atlanta-based band Gringo Star last played Pensacola at Sluggo’s. So, what have the Gringos been doing since then, and since their 2008 debut album “All Y’all?” Well, they have been playing and touring, touring and playing. They released another album, “Count Yer Lucky Stars.” They stumbled upon being featured in a documentary “Hurry Up and Wait.” And they currently have a new single, “Going Way Out” with a new album following closely behind. In a nutshell, they’ve been going, going, going.

Friday night they return to Pensacola alongside Generationals. This tag-team effort will undoubtedly result in a night of Southern charm, upbeat energy, sway-alongs, and well, soulful good vibes all around.

The IN caught up with Nick Furgiuele, member of the foundational brother duo that serves as the backbone of the Gringo Star trifecta.

IN: Do you recall the last show that you played here several years ago? Was it Sluggo’s?
FURGIUELE: Yeah, Sluggo’s a few years back with Jason Isbell.

IN: Have you teamed up with Generationals on the road before?
FURGIUELE: Actually we just met them on the first day of these shows. Our buddy Cam, who has been playing some drums with us lately, and recorded on our new album, is drumming for Generationals on their current tour, and they were looking for someone to join them on the last couple weeks of their U.S. tour. The last [our first] three shows have been great so far. We’re having a great time.

IN: Any updates on a summer release of your new album? Was it written and recorded in Atlanta?
FURGIUELE: We’re still working out the rest of the release details. Nothing to report at the moment. Hopefully late summer/fall time. We wrote and recorded it all in Atlanta. My brother Pete’s house is where we practice, and we have a studio there. This is the first album we’ve done totally ourselves. Produced, recorded, mixed, and written all by gringos.

IN: Any standout tracks or aspects of the new album you are most looking forward to sharing?
FURGIUELE: We’re really proud of the whole thing. We have 13 tracks on it, and since we did it all ourselves, we definitely spent a lot more time experimenting on sounds and parts, and really just taking as much time as we wanted to do it. I’d say this is the most gringo we’ve ever been—our music and songs through no filter—just us recording us.

IN: Is Atlanta still home base for Gringo Star? Do you have a good bit of downtime there when you are home?
FURGIUELE: Yeah, we all live there. Not too much downtime. We all also play a lot of baseball. There is a under the radar cash gambling baseball league we’re into—ATL Sandlot Renegades. When we’re not on the road playing shows, we’re there. You’d be surprised. You can make some good money playing baseball if you have the skills and aren’t afraid to associate with known psychopaths.

IN: Has the band been a full time endeavor since the release of “All Y’all?”
FURGIUELE: Yeah, we’ve toured pretty constantly since then. There’s nothing better than playing music and traveling around to show it to people.

IN: How did your documentary, “Hurry Up and Wait” come about?
FURGIUELE: We were playing some shows on our way out to South by Southwest and when we were in Dallas, these guys, Justin and Lior, came to film the show. They liked the band and then asked if they could meet up with us in Austin later the next week and film some more stuff for a behind the scenes of bands at SXSW piece they were working on. So we got together for a couple days while we were there, and ended up making a music video and having a good time, and then we went on our way to finish the tour. They knew we were getting ready to go to Europe to support “…trail of dead” for 6-7 weeks, through about 15-16 countries, and a week or something later they called us up and asked if we’d mind them coming along with us for the tour and making a documentary of it.

IN: What was most memorable part of that European tour?
FURGIUELE: It was memorable the whole way through—a really amazing experience. We had only toured through the U.K. a few times before that, and getting to go all over Europe and play for big crowds was amazing.

IN: From the start you guys seem to be loving what you do, doing what you love, and having a good time while doing it. Would you say that is a pretty accurate representation?
FURGIUELE: Yeah, I’d say you can say that and I’d probably say that too.

WHAT: Gringo Star and Generationals with Jonni Greth
WHEN: 8:00 p.m. Friday, June 28
WHERE: 2 S. Palafox
COST: $10; advance tickets available