Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 18th 2019


David Everage & Shirley Martinez

Age: His: 36/Hers: 28
Occupation: His: Army reservist, student/ Hers: Customer service
Together Since: 2012

What was most memorable about your proposal?
SHIRLEY: When I could see in his eyes that he wanted to marry me. We were outside, having coffee in the morning. He talked about what he saw in our future.

Why do you want to have a Block Party Wedding?
SHIRLEY: It would add to our romantic wedding. We just bought a house together and I moved from Austin to be with him. We would love to do it in Pensacola.

If you don’t win, where and when do you plan on tying the knot?
SHIRLEY: In Austin, next year. Since I was giving up Austin to be with him, if we were to pick the place it would be Austin.

What does a typical “date night” look like for you?
SHIRLEY: We love to go out to eat, somewhere that we can sit outside and take our little dog. We like watching movies together and cooking together. We enjoy inventing new recipes.

Important reception question—Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Harlem Shake (or all of the above)?
SHIRLEY: Harlem Shake—he [David] already knows which guy he would be. I know he would pick that.

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