Pensacola, Florida
Sunday October 13th 2019


Trent Snellgrove & Briana Taylor

Age: His: 28/Hers: 26
Occupation: His: Sr. Deputy at Santa Rosa County Jail/ Hers: Ad sales exec at Gulf Breeze News
Together Since: 2012

What was most memorable about your proposal?
BRIANA: It was St. Patrick’s day of last year and we were just tanning, laying on a secluded part of the beach. I had unhooked my top because we were tanning, and I don’t think he noticed because he was so nervous. But I jumped up like an idiot. I teased him that I was going to tell my dad that he proposed to me while I was topless.

Why do you want to have a Block Party Wedding?
BRIANA: We’re from the area, both born and raised in Santa Rosa county. We’re also huge supporters of local business. It would be awesome to have as many people as possible come. It would be neat to share that with everyone. I actually have a dream to throw my bouquet onto Palafox from a balcony, like it was Mardi Gras.

If you don’t win, where and when do you plan on tying the knot?
BRIANA: Our original wedding is scheduled to happen October 12 at our house in Milton. Just a little outdoor, rustic, country wedding with a bonfire and close family and friends.

What does a typical “date night” look like for you?
BRIANA: I don’t know if there is a typical date night for us. We try to make it a big outing. We drive to Biloxi or go on a tour of the lighthouse, something that’s not just having dinner. We try to do something different or learn something new.

Important reception question—Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Harlem Shake (or all of the above)?
BRIANA: That’s a hard one. We’d have to start old school and go with Electric Slide, then Cupid Shuffle and finish with Wobble.

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