Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 20th 2018


Patrick Weeks & Lindsay Larson

Age: His: 30 / Hers: 31
Occupation: His: Drafter at VT Group / Hers: Flight Coordinator, Lifeguard Air Ambulance
Together Since: 2008

What was most memorable about your proposal?
LINDSAY: Patrick texted me a picture of the ring sitting on the kitchen counter. I called him and laughed, “Is that what I think it is? Did you really just send that in a text message?” He responded with, “So if you’re not busy this November…” I cried with delight and disbelief. I poked fun at him for the lack of romance and dramatic effect, but he makes up for it by being a great catch.

Why do you want to have a Block Party Wedding?
LINDSAY: Because it will be free, fun and fancy! We recognize that this is an extraordinary opportunity graciously gifted by Pensacola’s generous wedding vendors and we are so honored just at the chance to showcase their talent. We can’t think of anything that sounds more like a blast than a block party wedding and the fancy party we could never afford on our own. But on a personal note, we met in downtown Pensacola so to bring our story full circle would be a dream come true.

If you don’t win, where and when do you plan on tying the knot?
LINDSAY: The plan is to get hitched in Patrick’s parents’ backyard on November 2nd.  Patrick is the baby of seven kids, so having a place we can afford to host all of the family is at the top of the list. But, if we could just line ‘em all down Palafox that would be sweet.

What does a typical “date night” look like for you?
BOTH: Gallery Night! We enjoy the food, the music, the art, the wine, the people, the public, the places. It isn’t just our date night, it’s Pensacola’s date night and she is a beauty.

Important reception question—Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Harlem Shake (or all of the above)?
LINDSAY: Patrick’s guilty pleasure is funny YouTube videos, so I’m sure he will be an expert at all of these. But, I was thinking Flash Mob? Who is in?

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