Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Jarrett Swearingen & Jessica Killam

Age: His: 25 / Hers: 26
Occupation: His: Deputy with Escambia County Sherriff’s Office / Hers: Therapist/Evaluation Specialist with Lakeview Center
Together Since: 2011

What was most memorable about your proposal?
JESSICA: The timing and creativity of how he did it. He did it after I got home from class one night. He’d already asked my dad and had it all planned out. I thought that was a good thing, that he’d asked my dad’s permission first.
JARRETT: Her reaction; she kind of screamed and said “Yes!”

Why do you want to have a Block Party Wedding?
JESSICA: I think it’s something that we would always remember and it would also be really great for us as far as finances go, to be honest with you. I just graduated from school, so I have loan payments and Jarrett’s actually in school now, so it would be really great to win. All the vendors are vendors I wanted to have; it would be really great to have them for our wedding.

If you don’t win, where and when do you plan on tying the knot?
JESSICA: October 12, 2013 on base [NAS], on the water.
JARRETT: We’d do it at the pavilion there.

What does a typical “date night” look like for you?
JARRETT: Normally it’s dinner and a movie. Shark Fin and Outback are two restaurants we normally go to.
JESSICA: And then after we go to dinner, we ride around without the top on the Jeep and we sing Journey at the top of our lungs. [Laughs]

Important reception question-Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Harlem Shake (or all of the above)?
JESSICA: All of the above. And definitely, we’ll probably have to throw the Moon Walk in there, too.

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