Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 14th 2019


Shane Reilly & Libby Morris

Age: His: 27/ Hers: 24
Occupation: His: Government contractor / Hers: Writing Specialist at an online college
Together Since: 2011

What was most memorable about your proposal?
LIBBY: It was all memorable. It was a surprise. It was unexpected and at a place that meant a lot to our relationship. It was a re-creation of one of our first dates. We’ve known we were going to get married for a while, but the proposal was officially this weekend.
SHANE: She was speechless, which doesn’t happen that often.

Why do you want to have a Block Party Wedding?
LIBBY: We are both not from Pensacola, but I definitely think that we have grown to call this home. We love it here.  We think it would be the most awesome way to get our friends and family together. It would be a memorable experience, a cool story to tell. To get to use the top vendors in the area would be a huge blessing.

If you don’t win, where and when do you plan on tying the knot?
SHANE: We would like to be married by next spring some time, and maybe looking at the New England area. That’s where I’m from.
LIBBY: It’s sort of a destination wedding that’s still doable.

What does a typical “date night” look like for you?
LIBBY: We’re pretty easy going. We like to order pizza, crack open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie at home. We like to try new restaurants, anything we can do together. We go kayaking, we like to ride our bikes, spend time with our dogs. We’re pretty easy breezy. We just enjoy each others company all of the time.

Important reception question-Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Harlem Shake (or all of the above)?
LIBBY: [Laughs] Well, I’m more of a dancer than Shane, but he’ll get out and shake his booty with me. So he says all of them.

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