Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday June 20th 2018


You Might Have a Problem If…

It started off harmless. Then again, it always starts off harmless, right? But before you could even notice it happening, you’ve become kind of addicted to updating your Tumblr and checking in on Twitter to see what’s trending. Sure, you might not have full-blown SMAD. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t a little too into your online life. Here are some telltale signs you might have some social media overload issues:

•You have separation anxiety issues when you forget your phone
•You’ve uploaded more than three selfies in the past month
•Anyone in your life has ever made fun of or gotten mad at you for being on your phone, tablet or laptop
•You can’t eat out, see a concert, go to a party or walk down the street without taking a photo to prove it
•Looking for the perfect Throwback Thursday photo is on your weekly to do list
•You get bummed when said photo doesn’t get enough likes or comments
•You’ve gotten into a comment fight on Facebook about politics, religion or the new Kanye album
•You notice when your number of Twitter followers goes down or up (and down really pisses you off)
•You check in to places before you even get there
•People who’ve never met your dog or kid know his or her name
•You’ve ever “live tweeted” anything
•You’ve accepted friend requests from people you don’t really know just to get your “numbers” up
•You’ve used hashtags like #nofilter or #likeforalike
•You’ve let your food get cold while trying to get a photo of it

If you’re guilty of three of more of these bad habits, you might want to look at your social media usage. We aren’t saying you have a problem, but your significant other or best friends might be. You might just be too busy checking your Instagram likes to hear them. A little moderation never hurt anybody.