Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 19th 2018


Sleazy Southern Sounds

by Stephanie Sharp
There’s something about the combination of funky, bluesy indie-pop and sassy, booty-shaking lady-rap that just perfectly suits a sticky summer night. If you’re not convinced, just come out to Sluggo’s on July 25 and check out Bobby Jealousy and Cookies and Cake. All signs point to a quintessential summertime night of kazoos, dancing and jamming.

Bobby Jealousy is a Texas-based collective that includes a husband-and-wife (Sabrina Ellis and Seth Gibbs), along with the rest of their non-matrimonial band mates—sans one guitarist, who quit the band mid-tour due to a pretty dramatic series of vehicular setbacks. After three broken-down vehicles and the loss of a guitarist, it would seem that Bobby Jealousy has hit the most rock-bottom point a touring band is capable of. But then again, there are worse things that could happen.

“Asking a morbid band like Bobby Jealousy for a worst-case scenario is not a safe question. We could be driving down the freeway and one of us could start tickling the driver, sending the truck off the road—on an overpass, no less—sending us to our fiery demise and as we all fall we could all admit terrible secrets and lies we’ve harbored for a lifetime, then we could land safely at the bottom and not die,” said Ellis. “That might be the worst-case scenario.”

Until that happens, they’ll continue to entertain crowds with their quirky, dirty dance numbers that recall summer flings, sunburned shoulders and sandy feet. It’s sexy, Southern fun written for every “odd man out” and all the “hyper romantics” out there. Ellis tries to stay away from comparing the sound of Bobby Jealous to any other music.

“From now on, I don’t want to try to frame the experience for anyone,” she said. “Everybody sees us as something entirely different.”
Like every good band, Bobby Jealousy makes their music with a mission in mind.

“If we had to write our tour as a children’s book it would be called ‘Bobby Jealousy: The Jester Who Left the Court.’ It would be a cautionary tale about a Jester who gambles away his life, his possessions, even his last thread of clothing, trying to teach the world a song. Along the way he must overcome obstacles, each more trying than the last,” explained Ellis. “But if the Jester can go around the world and teach his song to one person in every village before his time on Earth is up, he can remain alive forever.”

Opening for Bobby Jealousy will be local lady-rap duo, Cookies and Cake. They also have a mission—to get your booty shaking. MzTittyCity and Delta Twerk, along with their legions of back-up twerkers, stand for all things silly, sassy and girly in a local rap scene that was overrun with musical beta-males.

“The abundance of negative male rappers in Pensacola was definitely an impetus to start an actual band. But Delta Twerk and I have always been Cookies and Cake in our hearts, since the days of living in Atlanta for a while and making up little songs to be silly with,” said MzTittyCity. “Coming back here and seeing the need for a band like ours—it happened pretty naturally.” Anybody attending a Cookies and Cake show is bound to find the kazoo-accompanied—yes, kazoos—hip-hop jams infectious in the best sense of the word, but all of the fun isn’t just nonsense.

“People can take music so seriously,” said Delta Twerk. “There is a way to use it to achieve your goals, like for us empowering women, but overall if you aren’t having a good time while doing that, what’s the point?”

MzTittyCity added on the issues of kazoos in the rap scene: “The real question is: Why don’t more bands use kazoos?”

Why not, indeed. Cookies and Cake also brings a unique set of musical influences that shakes up the traditional rap game. Strong Southern ladies, both in their personal lives and in the music industry—think Beyonce and even RuPaul—add fire to the flame of their band.

“When everyone grabs their kazoos and buzzes along, laughing and dancing—that’s the absolute best. I don’t think anyone could leave our show in a bad mood, at least I hope,” said Delta Twerk. “If you aren’t having fun, then something’s wrong.”

WHAT: Bobby Jealousy with Cookies and Cake
WHEN: 9:30 p.m. Thursday, July 25
WHERE: Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, 101 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $5