Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 22nd 2018


Fall for Art

by Hana Frenette

Even on a typical Gallery Night, it can be hard to take it all in—the sights, the sounds, the entertainment and the art. This Gallery Night is no exception. In fact, it’s filled with even more commotion than usual, thanks to the special addition of wedding bells that The Pensacola Block Party Wedding will be ringing on Palafox.

To help you out, and so you don’t get lost amongst all the Gallery Night excitement, we’ve put together a list that will take you from the wedding spectacular and beyond. A list that will hopefully make the navigating a little easier on you this time around; and give you more time to appreciate the art, in whatever form it’s in, instead of just parking a mile away and shuffling aimlessly all evening. Unless that’s your thing.

Pensacola Block 
Party Wedding
Corner of Garden St. and S. Palafox
7 p.m.
Earlier in the year, 10 couples campaigned for votes to win the prize of a free wedding in downtown Pensacola. Alanna Erickson and Evan Milby were announced as the lucky couple this summer and will publicly tie the knot on Palafox on Gallery Night. “What’s really cool about the Block Party Wedding, is that Gallery Night starts at 5 p.m. and the wedding starts at 7 p.m., so people will get to see what it actually takes to set up a wedding,” said Sara Gillianne, creator of the event. So let’s all kick-off the night playing by wedding crashers—it’ll be fun, we promise.

Artel Gallery
223 S. Palafox
Open until 9 p.m. on Gallery Night
If there is one Gallery Night key player that is consistently committed to keeping the evening dedicated to art, it’s Artel. While the building alone is enough to draw you up the steps and inside its doors, the art is enough to convince you to stay long enough to take it in. This Gallery Night, Artel invites you inside to view three distinct exhibits.

The first exhibit on display in the main gallery is “Experimental Arts with the Lens.” This juried show features contemporary photography by area artists. The second, presented in the Awards Alcove, is “Beyond the Frame,” a solo show featuring the work of Richard Rodriguez, exploring the constraints of film photography through the art of mirrored photographs.

While these first two exhibits are centered on photography—the third exhibit on display in the Vault branches out in a different direction, literally. “Branching Out” includes the work of local artisans who make up the Pensacola chapter of the National League of American Pen Women—the oldest organization for women in the U.S. To accompany their work, the display further introduces each artist that makes up this community-driven group through artist statements—a fitting addition as this is the chapter’s first show. At the center of the exhibit is an interactive inspiration tree, allowing visitors to partake by adding custom leaves to the branches. See this week’s cover art by Marylin McDonald-Dorsy for a visual taste of what’s inside the Vault.

In the spirit of the evening, Artel has selected a serenade by the Irish Folk Band, Killarney, to compliment the art on display.

Pensacola Museum 
of Art
407 S. Jefferson St.
Open until 9 p.m. on Gallery Night
The PMA will be offering free admission to their two newest shows, “24 Hours in Downtown Pensacola,” and “Mountain, Stream, Shore” by David Warner.

“24 Hours in Downtown Pensacola” is a photography exhibit in which artists all captured a different aspect of downtown in the same 24-hour period. David Warner’s pieces are large-scale landscape paintings depicting varying aspects of nature.

“A third show, ‘Multiples,’ by Mark Francis, will also be on display for free on Gallery Night,” Raven McBride, gallery director, said. “Francis will be present for a meet and greet as well.”

The PMA admission is never very pricey to begin with, but it’s fun to know you can check out all the latest pieces they’re showing, plus an additional third show, for free. Deals on memberships will also be made available, in case you can’t get your fill on just a few Gallery Nights a year.

‘Faces of HIV’
Corner of Palafox and Government
In between the upbeat thrills of the Block Party Wedding and the sips of wine you will be taking while milling up and down the Palafox corridor and beyond, there is a compelling, free art display on wheels making a guest appearance—one that warrants your attention.

Thanks to HIVevolution, “Faces of HIV” a special Florida Department of Health project is rolling up and making a stop at Plaza Ferdinand VII as part of Gallery Night. This mixed media, mobile art exhibit tells the stories of Florida residents living with HIV and AIDS through detailed portraits, video testimonials and introspective journals.

The larger than life portraits are on display both on the outside of the traveling unit, and inside, where you are invited in for an up-close look at each participating individual’s unique story. For the journal portion of the project, participants catalogued their journeys with HIV for a month’s time. This includes activities ranging from going to school or work, to planning a wedding, raising multiple children, and fighting the physical effects of the illness.

To meet the faces, visit Be sure to bring your smart phone so you can scan the QR code paired with each portrait at the event and view the videos.

Sluggo’s Vegetarian 
101 S. Jefferson St.
Free to come in, $5 for the show
Sluggo’s always displays a wide variety of local artists all throughout the year, and Gallery Night is no exception. In addition to the hanging pieces, they will also be hosting a hip-hop/rap record release dance party. It’s a mouth full, and probably an ear full too. The list of performing artists includes:  Rello & Hog 2, Sincere Logic, Boss Grimes, Dewight Truitt, Crazee the Phlowbird, Sho aka Bustaboss, Jon Jack, and Saga the Mic. If you’re not intrigued by the names alone, then let these descriptors from some of the artists’ websites work their magic on you:  Villian rap, 1990s Seattle energy, educated thug music, gospel stylin’s from the great grandmothers. You just can’t argue with that combo.

Jewelers Trade 
26 Palafox St.
Jewelers Trade Shop always has some sort of relaxing band playing, with people walking around serving champagne to the bevy of guests perusing the large cases of diamond rings and necklaces lining the room. What they also have, and has often been a favorite part of many Gallery Nights past, is dessert. Delicious, homemade, decadent dessert. For FREE. “We have a lady named Pam Osborn, who’s been with us for 25 years, and she and her daughter actually make them all from scratch,” Sarah Biggs of Jewelers Trade said. Occasionally the shop will bring in some treats from Jay’s Bakery as well. Either way, you’d be hard-pressed to find something tastier in terms of sweets.

Revolver Records
9 E. Gregory St.
If you get overwhelmed with the crowds on Palafox and find yourself with a craving for a little something new to listen to, walk on over to Revolver Records. Revolver will be having its Gallery Night Digital Sale, with 15 percent off of new CDs and 20 percent off of all used CDs. There will also be free PBR given away to those who are browsing the crates and 21+. First come, first serve basis on the beer.

Vinyl Music Hall
5 E. Garden St.
Vinyl usually has a cover band of some sort closing out the show on Gallery Night, whether it’s Guns N’ Roses or Sublime based. This time around, they decided to go with an original mash-up DJ from New Orleans, Jermaine Quiz. Jermaine will be mixing and mashing songs and beats, while backed by a live drummer and a live violinist. “Jermaine is the resident DJ at House of Blues in New Orleans, so I’m thinking it should be a really good show—really high energy,” said Chris Wilkes, talent booker for Vinyl. Several other opening bands will be playing when the doors open at 5 p.m., so no matter what time of the evening you walk by, you’ll be able to catch some sort of show.

WHEN: 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20

Check Out The Full Official Participants List Here