Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 19th 2018


Film: Legend of the Guardians

Not your typical happy-go-lucky animated kids’ film, Legend of the Guardians offers some serious subject matter amidst stellar animation.

“The foreboding and weighty aspect of the film stands in stark contrast to the upbeat and fast-paced humor that audiences have come to expect from such animated family films as the Toy Story and Shrek series and even Warner’s last animated production, the 2006 hit Happy Feet.” – Ben Fritz and Claudia Eller, Los Angeles Times

Legend of the Guardians is a sweeping, grand explosion of animated entertainment, skillfully assembled by (Zach) Snyder and his crew to extract a riveting amount of exhilaration, forging unusual new ground in the genre. It’s a tremendously engaging, inspired movie, and should not be overlooked by family audiences hungry for a rousing change of pace.” – Brian Orndorf,

Legend of the Guardians opens this Friday, Sept 24. Check out movie times here.