Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


In the ’Hood

Guide To Pensacola’s Most Popular and Up and Coming Neighborhoods
Editorial by SKM and Design by JLP

After a long week at work, what 30-something, young professional doesn’t want to wake up on a Saturday morning, walk out their front door in East Hill, and take a leisurely bike ride to yard sale after yard sale, then follow it up with a trip down to Bayview with their dog in tow?

And what married with children super-duo doesn’t want to be basking in the sunshine of their fenced-in backyard in Cordova Park while watching their kids do cannon balls off the diving board and into the pool?

When it comes to the ’hood you choose to call home, let’s face it—it’s all about perception. And while your ’hood may not define you, it certainly defines your experience living within whatever city you choose to inhabit, whether you are passing through for a brief chapter, or settling down for the long haul.

Despite paling in comparison to the number of ’hoods represented in urban super-cities like New York City, the reality is, Pensacola is home to a collection of bustling boroughs—each boasting their own unique selling points and defining charm.

And so, after careful deliberation, we present to you what we have handpicked as the cream of the crop when it comes to our local ’hoods—at least the ones in safe biking proximity to and from downtown.

Of course each ’hood boasts its more obvious appeals, what we deem “signs of life”—notable retail shops, restaurants, etc. But it doesn’t stop there. While we will leave you to your own interrogative devices when it comes to crime stats, we have included some more quantitative data, such as what public school your hypothetical child would most likely be attending, or private school options if you so choose. And thanks to help from local realtor Preston Murphy, we’ve presented some ballpark figures of just how many buckaroos each hood might demand of you depending on whether you are looking to rent or own.

Last, but certainly not least, since you shouldn’t just take our word for it—although the majority of our staff lives in one of the ’hoods represented—we even gave longtime residents a chance to sound off on why they love calling their ’hood home.

Ultimately, we hope that for current residents, our ’hood guide will not only make you smile from ear to ear, it will make you even more proud of your hood than you already were. For those itching to relocate, may this offer you some helpful or at least entertaining insight.

{Please note: We realize this isn’t an exhaustive list of neighborhoods in our area and we took it upon ourselves to loosely define our own borders. And so, while we encourage you to take it seriously, we also suggest you take this lightly and don’t sweat the small stuff.}