Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 18th 2018


Wedding Crashers

By Jennifer Leigh

Have you ever wanted to crash a wedding and scrutinize every detail?

Maybe you already do that on a regular basis, but at next month’s Double-Take Event, you have an open invitation to do so.

From the creator of the Pensacola Block Party Wedding, along with Chloe Lawry of Supposey Wedding Florals, comes an event that brings the best of the area’s wedding vendors together to show just how spectacular a wedding can be. It’s like seeing your Pinterest boards come alive.

“We want to present future brides with things we would like to see more often in weddings,” said Sara Gillianne, of Sara Gillianne Weddings and Events. “We’ve been hearing the same songs and seeing the same dresses, we want to present some ideas for the bride that still wants a traditional wedding, but also wants to branch out.”

Instead of the traditional bridal show thrown in a crowded convention center, The Double-Take Event is a mock wedding — complete with a bride and groom — which you’re invited to.

“You’ll get to watch the bridal party getting their makeup done, watch the ceremony, sit down and taste the food and see the flowers and dance to Nicki Minaj during a confetti party at the reception,” Gillianne said. “We’ll have three vendors in each category and they’re basically the best in the area.”

The problem with the typical bridal shows is that they provide almost too much information. But at the mock wedding, you’ll be witnessing the talents of a curated group of vendors.

“I’ve had so many clients who have gone to bridal sows and become so overwhelmed by the hundreds of vendors,” Gillianne said. “They’ll just come back with stacks and stacks of business cards.”

The idea for the Double-Take Event was inspired by some local wedding vendors “itching to do something spectacular,” Gillianne said.

“I feel like there are so many great wedding vendors that aren’t being used to their fullest potential,” she said.

Like any good wedding planner, Gillianne regularly looks at blogs and magazines for design inspiration, but not all of her ideas are readily embraced.

“When I suggest ideas like a blush or gold wedding dresses or grass centerpieces they look at me like I’m crazy,” she said. “I just want that crazy stuff you see in bigger cities to be here.”

The beauty of the Double-Take Event for the vendors is that there are no restrictions to their creativity.

“They can do whatever they want,” Gillianne said. “All of the vendors are excited at the chance to show off without having to talk about budgets.”

Instead of succumbing to the overuse of “Butterfly Kisses,” tulle and bubbles, Gillianne hopes to introduce the “wedding guests” with some new ideas.

“Even if brides don’t think they’re creative, we hope that after the event they’ll learn to trust our vendors and use the talent we have,” she said. “They just need to see it.”

The wedding community is a strong one. Much of the event excitement for the vendors is getting to boast about friends, Gillianne said.

Perhaps the best part about the wedding community is its willingness to contribute to the local area. Through the Pensacola Block Party Wedding, a couple in love is gifted with a free, unique wedding, which includes photography, flowers, a private reception, DJ and more. At the Double-Take Event, a portion of the ticket proceeds will go toward Truth for Youth, a local organization dedicated to the prevention of juvenile delinquency, violence, crime and abuse.

No matter if the wedding is real or fake, Gillianne hopes to make an impact and help people.

“And it’s great to give back in the process,” she said.

Get Inspired
Head to the source of a wedding planner’s inspirations before you go to the Double-Take Event to get the creative juices going. Here are a few of Gillianne’s favorite websites and blogs:
*Style Me Pretty —
*Seven Weddings —
* Etsy —
*Every Last Detail —

WHEN: 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1
WHERE: First City Art Center, 401 N. Reus St.
COST: $20 for single tickets, $30 for couples
DETAILS: 291-6502, or