Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 19th 2018


Winners & Losers 10/10/13

The Winners & Losers division of the non-Gannett south Palafox branch of the Independent News media and entertainment empire is upset that their categories weren’t put on the Best of the Coast ballot. Here is their revenge.

Best Disappearance: Mayor Ashton Hayward
We once saw the new mayor everywhere. Now there are milk cartons at Winn-Dixie with his photo.

Best Comeback: George Touart
Love him or hate him, we’ve got to admit that his comeback in county government is nothing short of a miracle.

Best Non-Scandal: BP Gift Cards
After all the uproar, of the 6,060 American Express gift cards, total value $518,500, distributed by the Greater Pensacola Chamber, only 65 cards were unaccounted for.

Best Carpetbagger: Aaron Wiese
The Texas developer was on track to purchase the 19-acre ECUA property on Main Street for $7.6 million until board members learned of his DUI arrest.

Best Headache Relief: County Jail Transfer
Sheriff David Morgan won’t miss the Escambia County Jail. Now the county commissioners will get the phone calls from angry family members.

Best Secret Committee: School Security
In the wake of the Sandy Hook killings, Superintendent Malcolm Thomas established a task force to determine what structural, policy and personnel changes were needed to protect students and teachers. Meetings weren’t open to the public, neither are their findings.

Best Little Known Success: Palafox Market
The farmers’ market on North Palafox has made downtown Pensacola alive on Saturday mornings.

Best Reason to Stop Smoking: Middleton Shooting
The 60-year-old was shot while searching for a loose cigarette in his mother’s car. The deputies were responding to a report of a car burglary and shot Middleton by mistake.

Best Unused Study:  Tie-Disparity Study, Port of Pensacola Advisory
Mayor Ashton Hayward has these two studies on his desk, neither have seen the light of day since they were delivered.

Best At Ruffling Feathers: Admiral LeRoy
The executive director of the Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce is unafraid to speak his mind and challenge the Pensacola chamber and Escambia County Commission.

Best Worthless Document: City Code of Ethics
Anonymous blogging, failures to disclose conflicts, threats made to public and city staff and nothing is said.

Best April Fool’s Joke To Come True: UWF Football
We wrote in our 2008 April Fool’s issue about the University of West Florida starting a football team and playing its games at the Community Maritime Park. Guess the joke is on us.