Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 25th 2018


Rest of the Best ’13—Featured Winners


Antioxidant Corner
Behind door number one we have The 
Bodacious Olive, home to artisanal olive oils for the sampling and purchasing, gift items and more. Just to the right, behind door number two we have The Bodacious Brew, where smiling baristas can be found slinging espresso, serving up Handsome Coffee Roasters coffee, and steeping loose leaf teas galore. Together we have an unparalleled Bodacious cornerstone experience—and a healthy one at that. “We are the corner of antioxidants—olive oil, coffee and tea,” said owner Rishy Studer. Rather than simply acting as a shopping destination, Studer has created an entire experience for her patrons. “I like the idea that it flows—so it creates a total experience,” she said. Not only does this experience overflow to the outdoor bistro tables where bodacious customers can be found indulging on a bodacious breakfast, it continues to overflow into the upstairs area that is expanding to serve as a kitchen store and home to cooking classes. In addition to drawing in a loyal following of regulars, both Bodacious locales are creating a buzz amongst tourists. “We’re becoming a sightseeing stop,” said Studer.  407 C & D, S. Palafox,

Cozy Carmen’s
Carmen’s Lunch Bar has only been open for a year and yet specialties such as Carmen’s Soda Bread and Open-Face Spanish Crab Melt—not to mention the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere—feel so familiar. “Pensacola has been incredibly receptive,” said owner and chef, MariCarmen Josephs. “People often comment on how warm and cozy the bar feels, and they love the international menu that introduces them to new flavors.” The restaurant has an emphasis on delicious food made from fresh ingredients. Some even come from Palafox Market, which is a regular grocery stop for produce. “What I believe in is real food—staying away from processed foods as much as possible and making things from scratch,” Josephs said. Carmen’s also provides diners with menu options to satisfy any dietary needs with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. Adding to the restaurant’s coziness is Joseph’s love of making soup. “This is where local produce meets my spontaneity in the kitchen,” she said. 407-B S. Palafox,

Bring it on Down to Veganville
Multi-course weekly spectaculars, tempeh anyway you could dream it up, made to order cashew cheese to take home with you—and that’s only the half of it. Over the course of the past decade, Jen Knight-Shoemaker, owner of End of the Line Café has transformed her coffee shop into a full-fledged, bright, shining, organic, locally-sourced, powerhouse of a vegan restaurant, coffee bar and art space. Yes, it really is quite a mouthful! And a tasty one at that. For the café’s Sunday brunch and Thursday night set menu ensembles, you can spot Knight-Shoemaker scurrying around behind the counter plating plate after plate of signature dishes to serve to a packed house of eager stomachs of all ages. “I try to create menus with a combination of what’s in season and what compliments the season,” she said. “International foods, comfort foods and spices that consider weather and nostalgia.” Speaking of changing with the seasons, be on the lookout for what Knight-Shoemaker notes as exciting changes on the horizon. Plus she plans to roll out more cooking classes, including Vegan Holiday Fare, desserts, and even one for the kids. 610 E. Wright St.,

Good Grits
Good grits is no joke. In fact, it’s the foundational element of one of the The Fish House’s all-star, world famous dishes—one that will leave you saying “Ya Ya.” “When we first opened, Chef Jim Shirley’s goal was to use the freshest local ingredients and to provide the best dining experience possible to locals and people traveling through town. That’s still our goal today,” said owner of Great Southern Restaurant Group Collier Merrill. The Fish House is equally dedicated to serving up mouthwatering local seafood, and keeping their Deck Bar bustling with non-stop entertainment, so guests of all ages can come for the food, and stay for the experience. “We want everyone who comes through to be glad they chose us,” said Merrill. Not only does The Fish House get love from its customers, it receives just as loud of applause from its employees for being a great place to work. 600 S. Barracks St.,

Global Empire
The Global Grill has created an empire—led by husband and wife, Jane and Frank Taylor. Like any good empire, the establishment is culturally distinct, boasting an ambiance that Jane describes as “upscale dining with a friendly atmosphere.” Much of this ambiance is cultivated by stellar staff. “We have a great morale amongst all of our service staff,” she said. “They are knowledgeable about the menu and we like for each of them to let their personalities show through.” This includes waitress Libby Castellani. “Libby has been here for years. She started out as a hostess. She is just always on—knowledgeable, friendly, attentive to detail and she makes everyone have a great dining experience,” said Jane. Beyond the ambiance and the all-star service, the experience begins in the kitchen. Between mind-blowing original dishes like bacon-wrapped lobster tails, and seasonal heirloom salads, this is where magic happens at the hands of Frank Taylor. “To me it’s all about Frank’s innovative and exciting food. Not only does the food look beautiful, but it also tastes great. It all starts and ends there—everything else in between helps,” said Jane. 27 S. Palafox,

Born to Barbeque
From the sandwiches dripping with sauce to its outdoor seating, King’s BBQ is a go-to for Pensacola’s barbeque enthusiasts. Owner Jeremy Skidmore purchased the land and building from original owner King Rivers, who retired in 2011. Skidmore, a native Texan with a background in culinary arts, said he jumped at the opportunity to run his own barbeque joint. “I absolutely love it,” said Skidmore, “It’s such a historical landmark, it’s been here going on 30 years.” While he decided to keep the King’s name, Skidmore—who runs the restaurant as a one-man shop—makes his own sauce and incorporates elements of his Texas upbringing into the menu. “I’m doing a Texas-style brisket and that has taken off,” Skidmore stated, adding that the pulled pork—smoked over pecan and hickory wood—is his number one seller. As the new owner of an old, family owned local business, Skidmore says Pensacola has embraced his barbeque with open arms. “I’ve had a really good response,” said Skidmore, “I’ve been truly blessed.” 2120 N. Palafox St.

Landmark Feasting
Don’t let the term “steakhouse” fool you. Between standout culinary craftsmanship, a superstar wait staff and ambiance that rivals big city bistros, an unparalleled dining experience awaits you at Jackson’s Steakhouse, all the way from the start to finish, beginning in the kitchen with Chef Irv Miller. “A vast amount of well-rounded industry experience enables me to draw from historical and current food trends. This permits me to articulate and demonstrate both quick-fire and well planned dishes and menus,” said Miller. Not only are the menus always one step ahead, they shift with the seasons. Jackson’s fall menu comes to your table this month. Still, Miller affirms, it’s not a one-man show. “Most important to me is my team, a talented family that I work closely with at Jackson’s,” he said. “I admit I encourage them to be on their best game every day in order for me to be able to bring my very best to the table.” Serving these fine plated dishes are stellar servers, such as Scott Miller. “Scott is a professional server with a passion for food and wine,” said General Manager Steve Ooms. “His knowledge and expertise will ensure that you experience the perfect meal.” 400 S. Palafox,

A Table with a View
At the end of Palafox Wharf, locals and visitors alike have discovered Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille to be one of the best places in town to sit and take in a sunset, and perhaps a hand muddled fresh fruit mojito. Chef Tricia Horton’s modern menu of Italian and Mediterranean inspired culinary creations have also added to Jaco’s popularity. “Tricia does such a great job at combining and creating flavors that those always seem to be a unique hit,” said General Manager David Hambrick, who stated that the restaurant’s signature flatbreads, the ahi tuna with the tempura vegetables, and glazed salmon salad are among the most popular. “We like to introduce a new wine special each month and have been very lucky to have some unique limited release wines that people seem to love,” said Hambrick. 997 S. Palafox,

Neighborhood Vibes
Sandwiched between longstanding East Pensacola Heights establishments is a newer kid on the block, The Magnolia. This simple, sweet and southern neighborhood restaurant and bar is the brain child of power-couple Bill Manning. Supported by a couple of amazing staff members they call family, Manning and Bolster thrive on making each person who walks in the front door of The Magnolia feel like they’re at home. “We keep the neighborhood bar vibe alive by truly connecting and getting to know our patrons,” said Bolster. “The majority of our customers are regulars. We see the same lovely faces—and lots of new ones—weekly and look forward to catching up with each individual when they come in.” Still, The Magnolia’s menu gives the top-notch atmosphere a run for its money, satisfying the palates of cheese fanatics and vegetarians alike. “The Magnolia’s menu was inspired by some of the delicious food Bill and I ate while traveling,” said Bolster. “Our daily specials are always inspired by beautiful fresh ingredients.” 2907 E. Cervantes St.,

A Sports Fan’s 
No matter what your sport, it’s highly likely that New York Nick’s will be the best place in town to try to catch it on game day. With over 40 televisions, numerous sports packages, a full menu and full bar, Nick’s has all the bases covered. “The key to NYN’s success is the food that is homemade plus we have the ability to show every sporting event—after all, we are a sports bar,” said owner Nick Zangari. As for future plans, Zangari said the bar will keep on its same, well-loved track: “We’ll keep on keepin’ on!” 911 S. Palafox,

Backyard Delights
There’s nothing quite like Southern contemporary cuisine fueled by on-site vegetable and herb gardens from creative minds . Whether you are looking for a gourmet lunch or casual fine dining experience, Restaurant IRON serves up flavor to meet and match all palates. “Our inspiration, that has culminated in Iron, was an overwhelming desire to create unforgettable and intimate dining experiences using a combination of fresh local ingredients, clever twists on southern-inspired cuisine, and diner-centric service,” said chef Alex McPhail. From the chefs to the plates, and from the wait staff to your table, this bright and shining star of a new restaurant receives kudos every stop the food makes. “The garden-fresh ingredients we produce get highlighted in wonderfully imaginative ways,” said McPhail. “While we are only able to produce enough products on-site to elevate our dishes, we are honored to have great and evolving relationships with area farmers.” And there’s more where that came from. “We’re just getting started and we’re excited to continue to innovate,” he said. 2500 Oak Pointe Drive,

Just Your Type
Chef Blake Rushing has been cooking since the age of three. “I used to sit on the counter and ‘help’ make cake and cookies with my mom,” Rushing recalls. “In high school, I really enjoyed cooking for family birthdays. I just thrive off of creating new dishes and pushing myself to learn everything I can.”  Rushing’s new venture is the restaurant, Type, which will be located inside Duh on 9th Avenue. “Type will be based on the seasons and what’s local,” he explains. “The menu will change every two weeks and wines will change often as well. We have an amazing team in front and back of the house. It’s a very exciting time.” Part of Rushing’s love for cooking is the infinite possibilities, he said, which is only further proof that Type will be full of delicious surprises. “My favorite dish to make is something I have never made before,” Rushing explained. “It is always a learning experience that drives my creativity.” Type by Chef Blake Rushing, 501 N. 9th Ave.,

Dynamic Dishes
“My style of cooking is very straightforward and clean. I try to bring out the true flavor and textures of the food and let the ingredients take center stage instead of the cooking method,” said Chef Amber Solnick. It’s this approach that Solnick consistently brings to her menus, be it for her work with the recently launched Gourmand Provisions or in a yet-to-be announced project currently in development. Through Gourmand, Solnick offers catering, consulting and private chef services, and makes sourcing from a number of local farmers, seafood purveyors, and food artisans a priority. With a variety of ventures, Solnick has firmly established herself in the growing group of dynamic, young female chefs in Pensacola. “In the past few years, the female chefs in town have really brought their talents into the public eye. I feel so lucky to have these talented and supportive women chefs in my life,” said Solnick, “We aren’t just colleagues, we are all friends, too.” 850-384-4998

Go Tokyo
Welcome to Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar—where nooks of booths, open flames with hibachi masters, and a sushi bar that spans an entire wall abound inside the confines of this vast eatery space. Whether you are looking to have a more intimate gathering or invite an entire party along with you, Tokyo offers you endless options for a custom dining experience. For more than a decade, Tokyo has been a staple in the Nine Mile Road area. Although the restaurant itself has gradually changed  over the years, the customer service has been spot on since day one. Not to mention experienced chefs have contributed to keeping the quality menu expanding. 312 E. Nine Mile Rd.,


New Kid on the Block
As one of the newest bars on Palafox, Old Hickory Whiskey Bar has already distinguished itself among purveyors of quality libations. “Our staff is what makes our establishment special. They truly care about the customer experience and love to share their knowledge,” said owner Katie Garrett. Attention to detail beyond the main ingredient is also paramount at Old Hickory. “We also pride ourselves on our handcrafted cocktails. Everything is made in house as far as juices and mixers are concerned,” Garret emphasized. With a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation, Garrett strives to tie in as much local history to the bar as possible, including a 1910 Pensacola calendar discovered during renovations, which now hangs by the bar. With a shared passion for “America’s National Spirit” Garrett and staff embrace fall since they have adapted their cocktail menu to seasonal varieties. “The fact that these distilleries can create such unique flavor profiles from the same exact rules as their competitors shows the diversity of the product,” Garrett stated. “Trying different whiskeys never gets old. There is always something new and delicious to taste.” 123 S. Palafox,

Shake it like the Sandshaker
Are you in the mood for a blend of sand and fun, topped off with a prime deck view to watch the sunset over the water? Not only has Sandshaker Lounge & Package, or ‘the Shaker’ as it is classically referred, been a staple beach bar for the past 40 years, it’s the proud home of the infamous Bushwacker. “The thing that makes our Bushwackers so special is the recipe is the same as it was back in the ’70s,” explained Beverly Campbell, co-owner and manager. “All batches are made by hand and not from a mix. One of the main ingredients in our Bushwackers is Kahlua. We have chosen to keep using this high end liqueur in our recipe instead of substituting for a less expensive coffee liqueur product.” Still, it doesn’t stop with the Bushwackers, or the drinks even. “It’s a friendly environment where you can dress down or dress up—doesn’t matter,” said Campbell. “We get all ages, all walks of life. It’s truly a gathering place for people to meet and relax.” 731 Pensacola Beach Blvd.,

Leader of the Pack
From boom to bingo, morning coffee to afternoon salad bars, blues to karaoke, Seville Quarter finds ways to appeal to the masses, on top of raking up kudos for not only offering the best night club experience on the coast, but being ranked in the top 100 night clubs in the nation. “We’ve been in business a long time and people are comfortable in a fun atmosphere,” said Buck Mitchell. “We have great local and out of town customers, and some of the best entertainment anywhere on the Gulf Coast.” Recurring acts, special events, festivals and more, Seville even plays host to booths upon booths of local artists just outside its doors on Gallery Nights. 130 E. Government St.,

Just Around the 
The Cabaret is a fantastic, quaint, home-town bar where guests are more like family than mere customers no matter race, color creed, gender, sexual orientation or identity,” said owner Paul Dye. Tucked away on Jefferson Street near the Saenger, The Cabaret is a go-to spot to unwind and have a bar experience that is sure to entertain. “Our cozy style allows for great networking and conversation, and the array of offered events is as large as the diversity of our ‘family,’ thus inviting a fun and safe social atmosphere,” Dye explained. Considering its regular karaoke nights on Monday and Thursday, Wednesday Crowd Interactive Whiz Quiz Trivia, and weekend entertainers, The Cabaret’s schedule is packed. Add to that its Halloween, Mardi Gras, and New Year’s Eve parties in addition to special guests such as the Cabaret Hairnet Choir Charity Group and Atlanta Armorettes, and you have one of the busiest, most dynamic bars in town. “The hospitality and entertainment industry is ever changing… and so are we,” said Dye. 101 S. Jefferson St.,

Mixology Masters
On any given night at Vinyl Music Hall you may find yourself starting the evening giving standout bartender Chris Brown a high five while he pours you a shot of whiskey, or pops open a can of PBR. Later that same night, you may find yourself seated next door at 5 ½ Bar listening attentively while mixologist Patrick Bolster offers you a lesson in liquor as he slices a fresh cucumber for your cocktail. While each locale carries a distinct appeal, together this two-in-one show-stopper offers the best of both worlds when it comes to entertainment, atmosphere and of course, drinks. “We are very happy and humbled to have the best patrons an establishment could ask for,” said Bolster. “We try hard to maintain a consistent, high quality product and customer service. Further, we always are striving for improvement, so we greatly appreciate our patrons for their input and loyalty.” While at 5 ½ you always know what’s being mixed in, Vinyl seeks to keep you guessing, inviting in everything from hypnotists to burlesque and even silent discos. “The music will always come first, but the market here has shown that they’re hungry for all types of entertainment,” said talent buyer, Chris Wilkes. “If the public wants it and we can make it work on our stage, you’re sure to see it sooner than later.” 5 E. Garden St.,


Bottled Up
“I’ve always loved wine. Growing up, my father’s advice was to work at something you love, so the wine store seemed a perfect fit for me,” said Charlotte Gordon, owner of Aragon Wine Market. “What I didn’t realize is how much I would love meeting the people that come in the store and helping them find wine.” Open since 2008, Aragon Wine Market not only offers a vast selection of wines, but also wine tastings—including regular Thursday night events. An independent proprietor, Gordon has relationships with distributors and often hosts representatives from wineries who pour during the tastings. “Mostly, I have wine distributors come to the store to sample different wines for me to consider. Sometimes I find a wine that I just love and bring it into the store,” said Gordon. “When I’m sampling wines I often purchase something because I think a specific customer will like the wine.” For those who have a hard time making their mind up, Gordon also offers case discounts in case you get swept up in the rows of wine offerings, which you likely will. 27 S. 9th Ave.,

West Navy Blue
“Have you been Blue Mooned?” With Blue Moon Antique Mall having just celebrated its 11th anniversary in September, the answer to that question is likely “yes” for most folks. Time has shown that Blue Moon Antique Mall holds a special place in the hearts of many lovers of old school items. Owner Andrea Wessel feels it’s the range of goods that keep people coming back to visit the 12,700 square foot store. “We not only sell antiques, but we have good old fashioned made in the USA, mid-century modern, home décor, collectibles, new stuff, rescued, recycled, refinished and previously loved furniture and goods of all kinds,” said Wessel. “The reward is seeing customers find that special item for their home or office and find it affordably priced. It puts a smile on their face and that makes it fun for us.” The friendliness of the staff and organization of the store also score big points from what Wessel sees. “We love seeing products go to new homes, customers being excited about their purchases and the items finding a home where they will be appreciated.” 3271 W. Navy Blvd.,

Fish Under the Bridge
“Perdido Key Seafood proudly runs three fishing boats on its own to supply both the market and restaurants its owner is associated with, Fisherman’s Corner and J.W. Finz in Orange Beach,” explained administrative assistant Beth Barrios. “Seafood that is not freshly caught by the Mary Joyce, Seminole, or Jim-N-I, is supplied by other distributors that fish the Gulf of Mexico on a larger scale.” In addition to fresh seafood, the store also sells ingredients for creating your own masterpiece and pre-made sides if you are trying to save some time. “Only family recipes are used to prepare the shrimp dip, gumbo, tuna dip, and key lime pies that are sold at Perdido Key Seafood,” said Barrios. “Once a local or visitor finds us tucked under the bridge, they usually become regulars whether they are a full or part time resident of our community.  We are currently developing an online market for customers who want our fresh Gulf seafood delivered year round wherever they may be.” 13506 Perdido Key Drive,

“Seriously, trading vegan chocolate cake for late harvest peas? Farm life rocks.” exclaimed Sandy Veilleux, co-owner of independent local produce market Flora Bama Farms. Day in and day out, Flora Bama Farms shares the wonder that is local, fresh food with the community—in every sense of the word. “It’s the excitement of sharing—whether it be time with our farmers, farm fresh produce, new recipes, tales of great adventures, watermelons with the rescue horses or even coffee with each other—over chalk lines and outlines of new projects,” said Veilleux. On top of farm to market, farm to table, and farm to classroom operations, Veilleux seeks to take fresh flavors to a whole new level through a “farm to spork” mobile kitchen and juice bar project. “The more local your food is, the more it has been allowed to mature to its most flavorful state thus providing you with all of its nutrients, minerals and such—creating a much healthier version of your favorite dish,” she said. 6404 Mobile Hwy.,

One Of A Kind Design
When it comes to jewelry and accessories, Jessica Bosley typically found herself searching for the perfect piece that no one else had. Rather than remaining on the constant hunt, she decided to create these one of a kind pieces herself, and so, House of Bosley was born. Granted there is no actual “house” involved, at least not yet, but Bosley’s made to order pieces have already made their way across town and have been featured in a variety of local bridal shoots, and recently landed on the cover of local FIVE magazine. “I would say my style is very eclectic, funky and unique like myself,” said Bosley. “I design everything from pearl necklaces and antique rhinestone bridal jewelry to edgier things such as spikes and skull statement necklaces. I love jewelry and accessories and believe they can make an entire outfit. You can literally re-vamp your entire old wardrobe with the proper use of jewelry and accessories.”

Coastal Flair
“Our goal when we first opened and today is to provide unique gifts with a quick turn around and personalized service,” Pizzaz co-owner Courtney Weir Henderson stated of the business’s focus. Based in Gulf Breeze, Pizzaz offers a colorful variety of jewelry, home accessories, holiday items, and children’s clothing, which have made it a favorite among locals shopping for unique and personalized gifts. “Our favorite part of our day is seeing our customers find that perfect gift, either personalized or just wrapped up in our signature teal paper.” Items that can be monogrammed are among the most popular at the store, as Henderson has seen most people appreciate being able to personalize gifts. “We love going to different markets and finding products that we just know customers will go crazy over.” Pizzaz is also in the final stages of setting up an online store via its website, which will allow shoppers all over to enjoy their distinct and carefully selected merchandise.  832 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.,

Lighting Things Up
Looking to brighten things up or maybe just set the mood? In the market for some colorful outdoor furniture made in the U.S. out of recycled milk jugs to liven up your coastal, outdoor living space? Or perhaps Swedish rugs made out of woven plastic? Look no further than Urban Objects. Currently nestled in Old East Hill, this lighting, furniture and accessory store will soon be moving to the heart of the Palafox corridor. “We are very excited to be a part of the downtown revival and hope that it will bring more walk-in traffic to the store” said owner Sarah Gillette. Although lighting remains their primary business, this move will also allow Urban Objects to stock even more out of the box furniture and fun accessories. “My focus has been to bring in lines that are environmentally and socially respectful, along with design conscious,” said Gillette. Many of these items just so happen to have won major design awards and can be spotted in museum collections. Urban Objects is currently hosting a moving sale offering discounts on all display lighting. 500 N 9th Ave.,


Building on 
For more than 125 years, the law firm of Beggs & Lane has been dedicated to serving the community. “We have intentionally developed a diverse practice that offers the flexibility and resources to serve a variety of client needs,” said attorney W. Lee Elebash. Beggs & Lane is a full-service law firm that provides services to major corporations, businesses and individuals across Northwest Florida. Located in downtown Pensacola, the firm supports the local community through volunteering time and resources and serving on local non-profit boards. The law firm’s core practice areas include complex litigation, healthcare, real estate, corporate law, trust and estate planning, white collar criminal defense and labor and employment law. No matter what the case is, clients at Beggs & Lane are given the same treatment. “Whether we are helping our clients acquire property, defend lawsuits, raise capital, comply with regulatory requirements or merge or divest businesses, we treat our clients’ problems as our own.” 501 Commendencia St.,

Be Our Guest
Deborah Ward’s Cuttin’ Loose Salon has been a standout boutique salon for more than a decade. “Cuttin’ Loose Salon is a well-established, high-end salon,” said Ward. “We have a warm, welcoming attitude and offer impeccable customer service.” Seeking to mix small town charm with an urban feel, Cuttin’ Loose looks to provide the best of both worlds rolled into a top-notch personalized experience. “We pride ourselves on being trendsetters. We treat our guests like family and our family like guests,” said Ward. Along with salon services, Cuttin’ Loose offers an added relaxing touch through a range of facial services and massages. To top it off, they stock a variety of products so you can keep your look going strong long after you leave the salon. 102 E Garden St.,

A Natural Smile
If you are prone to anxiety when it comes to dental work, Dr. Michael Shay Tilley and the staff at Emerald Coast Smiles by Design can help put you at ease. Voted among the best dentists in Pensacola, Tilley believes a combination of caring staff and relaxing, home-like décor sets his practice apart. “We also offer spa-like amenities such as paraffin hand treatments, essential oils to promote relaxation, aromatherapy diffusers and neck rolls as well as chiropractic chair cushions for comfort,” said Tilley. In practice with his wife, Dr. Stephanie Flynn Tilley, continuing education is a priority for both doctors according to Dr. Michael Tilley. He recently completed The Misch International Implant Institute program for implants and Dr. Stephanie Tilly was recently certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. “We truly love our chosen field and being able to offer our services in such a wonderful community,” Tilley stated, noting both health and beauty are key pieces of the formula. “From a beauty perspective, we have many patients who have come to us for cosmetic reasons and seeing their happiness once everything is completed is a life changer.” 3927 Creighton Road,

“Our focus is on the health, growth, and well-being of each individual we touch,” Escape Wellness Spa owner Stephanie Knight explained. “As wellness partners, our goal is to provide a harmonious environment with caring, friendly customer service and generous hospitality, to give you the best treatment.” Escape Wellness Spa offers a wide range of massage offerings and organic and clinical skincare services. “Our professionals truly care about providing lasting results and taking the time to make each visit a truly memorable experience,” Knight stated. The spa’s title represents the spa’s objective to provide empathy, stress relief, compassion, awareness, prevention and education to clients. “Every hour we get to see a client transform into someone new as they leave refreshed and rejuvenated,” said Knight. “Our clients are the best people in town—I love that when I hire a new staff member, our clients welcome them to the family.”  4400 Bayou Blvd.,

No need to be scared of stand up paddle boarding if you’re taking classes with Fitness Onboard. Whether you’re a “SUP” neophyte or a seasoned pro, you can easily find a workout to fit your needs with Fitness Onboard. “The most common quote we hear at FitnessOnboard is ‘I can’t believe I was scared and waited this long to try it,’” said Cindi Bear Bonner, instructor and founder of Fitness Onboard. “Since opening three years ago on Pensacola Beach, the fitness business has designed and patented two specialty SUP programs. The staff is hand-picked and truly cares about the health and wellness of clients,” Bonner said. “Fitness Onboard workouts are different than any other workout you will find in the Pensacola area,” she added. “Combine the environment and its beautiful surroundings with the experience and guidance from our instructors and you will find exercise as being fun and something to look forward to. Not to mention you are away from the intimidating gym setting.” 912-8089,

Bootcamp Bosses
Open for six years, Fixed on Fitness has led the way in Pensacola outdoor fitness bootcamp instruction. Kenzie Presnell cofounded FOF with her husband, Josh. The couple focuses on personalizing workouts for their clients, which Presnell believes is one factor that distinguishes Fixed on Fitness. “The variety, creativity, and intensity of the workouts, the wide range of fitness levels within the classes, the community atmosphere, and the results achieved with FOF makes Fixed on Fitness a favorite among fitness programs,” said Presnell. “We get to see clients transform not only physically, but mentally as well. We are so thankful to be able to do what we love and to work with some of the most awesome people in Pensacola.” The business expanded in 2011 with the addition of programs in Perdido Key and again in 2012, adding training in Pace. “We are excited to put our efforts into growing all three of our locations, making people healthier, and exceeding the expectations of our clients,” said Presnell.

Small Chain Gang
“Why are we so well liked? We are family,” said Don Abrams, manager of Gulf Breeze Cinema 8. As part of the Extreme Cinemas family, “The Breeze” and sister theater Ridge Cinema 8 in Pace make up half of those in the chain. In a time of corporate theater buy-outs, to be a small chain is increasingly rare, and that’s part of what Abrams thinks draws people to the theaters. “When I hear ‘mom and pop’ I think safe, clean, and having an involved staff. I think of a smile when you come in,” said Abrams, who many regulars know by name. “Many of our customers have come to both theaters for years,” said Abrams. “They see our theater as an extension of their home. In fact, I would like to think we are the home entertainment room with the very large screen TV and the freshest popcorn in town.” 1233 Crane Cove Blvd., Gulf Breeze; 4915 Hwy. 90, Pace,

Banking on a 
Led by local business and community leader, Buzz Ritchie, Gulf Coast Community Bank has proven that bigger isn’t always better. It all goes back to the idea of community bank service. And it all starts with a handshake and a face. “We know this community well and we want to make certain that those who grew accustomed to a handshake and a personal face on a transaction can get that kind of service again,” said Ritchie. “Customers know they can trust us and they are in good hands when they bank with us.” Ritchie is joined by a team of experienced bankers and dedicated staff members who are longtime residents of Northwest Florida and who share his commitment to community service. When they aren’t out serving the community through involvement with organizations such as Rebuild Northwest Florida, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, and the United Way, or accounting for your money, you can frequently find the bank team inviting the community in to socialize, sip wine and view work from local artists on Gallery Night. 40 N. Palafox,

Sky High Service
Living up to its vision statement “Service That Soars Above,” Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union thrives off of its commitment to its members, its employees and the community—all through a team effort. “We’ve worked hard to build a team that cares about service and support to members and to each other,” said Patti Wernicke, Senior Vice President of People and Development. This support to each other includes incorporating a healthy dose of fun into any given workday, of course. “We work hard, but we like to have fun, too,” she said. Ultimately, Gulf Winds Credit Federal Union is a family, one that continues to grow and grow. Gulf Winds Credit Union encourages new members to get on board to benefit from a multitude of perks ranging all the way from the best rates, to receiving what they consider to be the best care. “You deserve better banking, which to us means the best loan rates, high-yield checking, convenient mobile banking service and relationships with familiar friendly team members who really do care,” said President and CEO Chris Rutledge. 400 W. Garden St.,

Ad It Up
Pensacola’s Ideaworks is a nationally recognized, award-winning one-stop shop for advertising, marketing, branding and design services. “Our number one focus is to deliver the best service possible and to make every client feel as if they are our only client,” said firm president Caron Sjoberg. “Our team believes in this core value and constantly raises the bar on excellent customer service in every facet at the agency.” And while the firm is honored by continued recognition, the bottom-line impact for clients is what is most rewarding for the staff. According to Sjoberg, “There is no better feeling than delivering results to a client, whether it’s putting heads in beds, selling out an event, or netting coverage on a national television show or in a magazine.” Results and a passion for excellence drive the firm’s continuous evolution. “In marketing, you can never sit still,” Sjoberg explained. “Technology is a game-changer. With the constant flux of innovative and new ways to market and promote our clients, we will always keep learning and doing whatever it takes to stay on the cutting edge of trends of strategic marketing, PR and interactive development.” 1110 N. Palafox,

Brand with a Plan
When you say branding, the fearless leading lady, founder and owner of idgroup, Mona Amodeo says, “Differentiation (x=y). Without it your business is simply a commodity.” While advertising may be their game, branding is most certainly their middle name. When they’re not exiting the ADDY Awards ceremony year after year with more Best of Show awards than they can carry, or cruising around on their sleek bold and branded bikes as a part of the Bikes at Work project, idgroup is working with new and existing businesses to build their brands from the inside out, or as they like to call it—branding from the core. Together as a team, idgroup helps their clients do whatever it takes to deliver an authentic, powerful message without it getting lost amid the noise. “The chemistry of our team allows us to push creative and intellectual limits. We aren’t satisfied unless we deliver fresh innovative approaches to our clients,” said Amodeo. “We really have a lot of fun doing what we do.” The team recently grew even more dynamic thanks to the addition of Chewie—their four-legged trusty companion. Rumor has it that their friends over at Ideaworks also have an office dog named Chewie who may or may not be the same breed. Clearly great creative minds think alike. 300 E. Intendencia St.,

Levin Legacy
From wrongful death suits to BP oil spill claims, the Levin legacy makes a hold on every case that they touch—and win. While the name Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty & Proctor may be a long one, the train of success is even longer. The legacy begins with the man behind the name, Attorney Fred Levin. “The success of Levin Papantonio can be traced back to our deep roots in this community, all the way back to 1955 when my brother David and Reubin Askew [later Gov. Askew] founded the firm,” said Fred Levin. Still, above winning and fostering an environment of success, the firm is dedicated to the community it serves. “The community knows we are involved with their daily lives—whether it is helping people with their legal claims, or sponsoring charities and events like the recent City of Champions fundraiser that brought some of our country’s greatest athletes back to their hometown, or even simply returning phone calls,” said Levin. “As I have always said, you call us and we will return your call.” 316 S. Baylen St.,

Keeping You Covered
The intimidating world of the insurance selection process is made easier thanks to McMahon & Hadder Insurance. Through insurance, bonds, and employee benefits, they’ve got you covered. And when they say “Your peace of mind is our policy,” they truly mean it. When it comes to customer service, the team at McMahon & Hadder takes pride in first getting to know you and your individual needs, then simplifying your options in a way that becomes a teaching moment—leaving you feeling empowered, rather than intimidated or overwhelmed by the indecision of too much choice. “We guide our clients to protect their assets with customized insurance plans and policies to meet their individual unique needs and their budget,” said Robyn Dohn, Group Benefits Agent. Ultimately, they seek to offer complete insurance protection at fair and competitive prices while remaining dedicated to exceeding customer expectations throughout the entirety of the process. A single trip to their website allows you to request a quote on anything from car insurance, all the way to life insurance. 375 N. 9th Ave.,

A Case for the 
You may know Michles & Booth as the firm whose members don Santa hats on their billboards during the holidays. But year round, the firm specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and social security cases with a similar personal touch. With more than 80 years of combined trial experience, the attorneys at Michles & Booth, P.A. ensure that clients are taken care of by “simply treating them as if their case is the only case we have,” said Marcus J. Michles II. This year, the firm was voted as a runner up for both Best Law Firm and Best Attorney, Antonio Bruni. “What makes us distinct is our availability and responsiveness to clients,” said Bruni—whose work centers on Social Security Disability. “Our clients are family and they really get to know their attorney. That shows with happy clients and good results,” Bruni added.  The firm’s “Client First” culture promotes a more hands on approach to cases, said Bruni, who works the first Saturday of every month at the T&W Flea Market assisting clients. “I really get to know my clients by personally doing their applications, appeals and hearings. My availability and accessibility creates a bond with my clients and definitely helps me navigate their claims more effectively with the Social Security Administration.” But most importantly, Bruni expresses a sentiment that is likely behind clients voting him and the firm among the best in the area, “I love the work.”  501 Brent Lane,

Property, Managed
“One of the main contributors to our continued success and longevity is the value we place in building client relationships,” said Teresa Wiseman, Marketing & Operations Director for NAI Halford. The locally based firm offers commercial sales, property management, and leasing and tenant services, among others. “We focus on building long term, performance based relationships by providing exceptional real estate service.” With over 300 active listings and 452,624 square feet of commercial properties to manage, the NAI Halford team certainly stays busy. According to Wiseman, in the world of commercial real estate, companies much be adaptable as the professionals at NAI Halford are. “They easily handle multiple, simultaneous projects across a broad range of market types with equal efficiency.” And making sure their clients have the right deal, not just a done deal, is of upmost importance. “It’s very satisfying to help our clients find the ‘perfect location’ and then watch their business grow,” said Wiseman. “It’s good for them and good for our community. That’s very rewarding.” 719 S. Palafox,

Get Crackin’
Olde Seville Chiropractic is a smaller office, but that’s how physician and Clinic Director Lindsey Jeudevine likes it. “It provides me the opportunity to have direct contact with each patient at all times,” he said. On first-visit consultations, Jeudevine performs a thorough examination, describing each procedure before it’s performed. Whether you have everyday aches and pains or severe conditions such as disc herniations, chronic migraines or whiplash injuries, Olde Seville Chiropractic can provide relief. “Our office provides gentle and effective care for neuromusculoskeletal injuries—neck and back pain, headaches, numbness and tingling—via chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and Graston Technique,” Jeudevine said. When it comes to his patients, personal attention is key for Jeudevine. “Having a smaller office also allows me to get to know each patient over time so that we may be able to provide the best individualized care possible,” he said.  208 S. Alcaniz St.,

Located in the Andrews Institute, Patterson Plastic Surgery provides a self-described “boutique environment offering an uncompromising attention to detail.” Dr. Nathan Patterson offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures with a bedside manner that patients find “expert,” “caring,” and “informative.” Having practiced plastic surgery for nine years, Patterson has developed his practice at Andrews Institute into one known for enhancing natural beauty and providing “results that are rejuvenating and subtle.” Another goal of the practice is to be as communicative as possible with clients, and thorough consultations are a key to Patterson’s success and high number of patient referrals. “To be recognized for the work that we do makes me and my team very proud,” said Patterson, adding, “Everyone deserves to look as good as they feel.”  1040 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.,

1,000 Ways to Own It
Pen Air Federal Credit Union takes pride in giving its members the opportunity to feel ownership, not only over their own funds, but also over the community-centered institution itself. “We are member-owned, meaning profits go back to the credit union, and to our community through various initiatives,” said Pen Air FCU VP of Marketing, Patty Veal. “As a result, Pen Air FCU is able to offer competitive rates to our members.” When it comes to their members, although the local credit union was originally chartered in 1936 to serve civil service and military employees assigned to local military bases, Pen Air FCU forces have since expanded—now offering more than 1,000 ways to join. “We make a point to serve our members and the local community in as many ways as we can,” said Veal. Taking its commitment to local service a step beyond, Pen Air FCU encourages employees to give back to the community, and even offers charitable giving hours, that is, monthly paid volunteer service time. 1495 E. Nine Mile Road,

Stretch It, Correct It
“Pilates, Gyrotonic, and physical therapy helped me rehab from injuries caused by a career in dance and I wanted others to learn the benefits and principles of these modalities,” explained Susan Clark, owner of Pure Pilates. Clark relocated from Austin to Pensacola last year to be near family and opened the studio, a long-term dream of hers. “We provide classes in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, TRX, Barre, Aerial Movement and Kangoo Jumps,” Clark said of Pure Pilates, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. “I intentionally created a spa-like atmosphere for Pure so that people would feel a sense of wellness and peace when they enter the space. Artwork by local artists Ashton Howard and Angela Crenshaw don our walls,” said Clark. Aside from classes, Pure Pilates offers facials, massages, and sells women’s active wear. “The most rewarding aspect of what I do is being a part of the client’s positive journey and helping them reach their personal goals. I am also very proud of my staff and their commitment to their teaching and what they give to their students,” said Clark. “We look forward to 2014 and many more years serving the Gulf Coast.” 221 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.,

After a 30-year career in the Navy, Robert Moser retired and was looking for a hobby to take up when he discovered the art of framing. Now, 13 years later, Moser’s hobby has become a full-fledged business. “I rented a stall at the flea market and it grew from there,” Moser remembered. “Now we have a building and a few people working for me.” Robert Moser’s Framery now specializes in framing in a variety of dimensions. In fact, Moser says the more unique the request—like a recent customer who wanted some of her father’s old dentistry tools and photographs displayed—the better. “I enjoy anything different,” Moser said. “We do a lot of shadowboxing of military medals and memorabilia.” Recently, Moser and his staff of three acquired a new computerized matting machine, which allows them to customize their work even further—a challenge that Moser is certain to enjoy. 5186 Hwy. 90, Pace,

Relax and Renú
Slip on a plush robe, sip on some warm coffee or tea, and prepare to take a trip to your place of inner harmony with a therapeutic facial at the hands of full service skin studio, Renú. “With each treatment, I do a thorough analysis, deep cleansing of the pores, and a hand, foot and facial massage with a series of warm towels to pamper each client,” said Renú skin guru, Emily Ehlinger. Granted, terms like anti-aging peels, microdermabrasion, high frequency and acneic skin treatments, and hair removal, may not sound inviting at first mention, Ehlinger focuses on making each and every service a pleasant experience. “One of my specialties is making my clients feel as relaxed as possible, while giving each individual the customized treatment their skin needs,” she said. Plus, she sends clients home with a regime they can afford to continue on their own. If you’re in the market for a facial and feeling a bit festive, Ehlinger is currently offering pumpkin facials special to the season. 918B E. Cervantes St.,

Smile Style
“I always tell the parents of my patients that I will treat their child as if I am treating my own daughter,” said Dr. Randall Rigsby of Rigsby Orthodontics. Rigsby works to make orthodontics, part of many a childhood, as friendly as possible. “We have incorporated a bright, friendly environment that welcomes patients,” said Rigsby. “I spend quality time with each patient making sure that he or she is comfortable and understands what the problems are and the options for correcting them.” The practice also communicates via several social media platforms—including Facebook and Instagram. Also, recent in-house technology additions include an iTero scanner to take digital images of teeth rather than using conventional impression molds. “I love the challenge of orthodontics,” said Rigsby. “It is a wonderful reward to know that I’ve helped someone improve their smile. I enjoy watching my patients’ faces light up when they see their new smile for the first time.” 3969 Spanish Trail,

A Suite Stay
If you haven’t visited Solé Inn & Suites in a while, you are in for quite the updated stay, plus some added treats. Solé boasts 45 new rooms and suites decked out in what they coin as a “hip, modern flare.” On top of the usual perks like complimentary breakfast, and free WIFI, Solé hosts a daily happy hour with free beer, wine and snacks. Then there’s the locational perk—in walking distance to all things downtown and just a short hop to the beach. Solé is the perfect stay for locals looking for a quiet weekend to hideaway from responsibility or those visiting the area for the first time who seek to lay their heads to rest in a quaint, clean and affordable atmosphere. With rates starting as low as $89, and all of the other thrills, it’s no wonder Solé is now four-for-four on being touted best in the local land of independent hotels. Of course, there’s always something to be said about curb appeal. And Solé doesn’t fall short there either. If you’ve driven by, you can’t miss the waterfront courtyard, a defining outdoor feature. 200 N. Palafox,

Stay the Best
Only a year after opening its doors in East Hill, Stay The Clinical Spa, has already succeeded in making a name for itself in the spa world, garnering recognition for its services across the board. “We are thrilled beyond words to be recognized in so many categories,” said owner Kristen Lee Saxon. “Impressing every spa client has been our passion and it is overwhelming to have it pay off so quickly.” The ambiance of the historic Sacred Heart Hospital Building adds to the relaxing, personal spa experience that makes it nearly impossible to stay away. “The unique Stay experience begins when you walk in our door,” said Saxon. “Our inspiration has always been to offer Pensacola comfort and happiness.” Once you’re inside, you may feel as though you could stay there forever—especially on Wellness Wednesdays, when all services are 15 percent off.  Feel your stress melt away with each sip of champagne you take, or with each “Namaste” you utter during spa yoga. When not on-site offering facials, massages, manicures, waxing and more, Saxon and her team can be found regularly pampering and dolling up bridal parties. 1010 N. 12th Ave., Suite 128,

Pearl of Calm
Thanks to Still Waters Day & Medical Spa, you don’t have to travel far for a resort getaway. In fact, you don’t even have to leave town. They even offer a spa-cocktail, packed with antioxidants, and probiotics to set the mood. “It is wonderful to be able to get out of the stress of life and be fully engaged in nothing but relaxation in a totally private setting,” said co-owner, Mary Anne Aanestad, ARNP. With so many services to choose from, you can truly make an entire day of it. “Still Waters makes it convenient to multi-task—have your cosmetic treatments touched up after you have your pedicure or facial. Botox, fillers, or laser treatments are available as well,” she said. One of these treatments is Liposonix fat reduction. After all who doesn’t want to walk away a size smaller, after just an hour? 20 N. Tarragona St.,

Zero Diet, Unlimited Results
If you dread going to the gym because you’re tired of your regular workout routine, it may be time for a change. With Unlimited Fitness Results, (UFR), you don’t have to worry about fitness fatigue. “We train in a warehouse so clients get the indoor/outdoor feel of fitness training depending on the workout for that day,” said Ira Wenze, fitness expert and owner of UFR. “As our clients will tell you, no two workouts are the same.” UFR specializes in boot camp style fitness training, one-on-one fitness training, small group training and sports performance training serving Pensacola and surrounding areas. Nutritional and supplemental support is also available to all clients. Wenze understands not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder and created workouts to burn body fat, trim, tone and tighten bodies through sound nutrition and fast-paced interval training. “The workout experience is different because we are not sitting on machines, walking on treadmills, or doing workouts designed for physique athletes,” he said. “Our workouts, coupled with our philosophy of a ‘zero diet’ approach are designed for clients to see results quickly.”  1101 S. Fairfield Drive,

Hard Parts and 
Tight Fades
According to Creative Director and owner of VolumeONE Salon, Hurst Butts, hairdressing goes far beyond the hair itself. VolumeONE takes hair to transformative proportions and creates what Butts refers to as “transformations on the inside and out.” Not only does Butts travel in order to stay ahead of the game, he encourages his staff of stylists to follow his lead—soaking up inspiration from the latest and greatest in hair trends and then bringing back a vision to the salon, or what he likes to refer to as “a palate for the future.” While individually, each stylist possesses both cutting and styling specialties and a distinct edge—together, VolumeONE is an innovative and collaborative hair culture. “I like to think of what we have at VolumeONE as a culture—a brand,” said Butts. “A culture that resembles each individual that we have as a part of the team. Each of us enjoying different hobbies, music, art, fashion. Each of us bringing a different aspect and experiences to the whole picture.  The whole picture being VolumeONE.” 404 E. Wright St.,

It’s Fun to Stay at the…
“The YMCA is the complete opposite of your stereotypical gym,” said Andrea Rosenbaum, director of advancement at the downtown YMCA. With classes including boot camp, yoga, pilates, spinning, cross fit and hip hop hustle, the Y offers a variety fitness formats for every skill level. “If we have some interest, some space and an instructor, we’ll give it a try,” said Dan Cooke, senior program director. “We have a group of very experienced, very committed instructors. They focus on providing consistent, quality classes and help members feel like they are part of a community.” Serving the community is part of YMCA’s goal. The organization offers scholarships for memberships and programs with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the Y. “We are a mission-driven organization that stands for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility,” said wellness director Rachel Mock. At the Y, members and instructors support each other in their fitness goals every step of the way. “We help each other, and members here build friendships while doing it,” said Rosenbaum. “We like to say that you can join anywhere, but you really belong at the Y.” 410 N. Palafox,


Hitting a Home Run
Although baseball season just ended, meaning you’ll have to wait patiently before getting to see the Pensacola Blue Wahoos minor league baseball team hit home runs again, the good news is, it once again becomes something you get to eagerly look forward to. Not only do the Wahoos shine on the field, their stadium serves as an eye-catching community focal point, and the organization shines within the community year round, long after the season’s end. “The commitment to the community is wide ranging,” said owner Quint Studer. “It includes creating enjoyment, creating jobs and providing development opportunities for staff so that they can increase their skill sets for current and future job successes and opportunities.” Speaking of staff, the Wahoos currently have a home run hitting chef team as a part of their lineup, who during season, give sports fans something out of the box to chomp down on between innings and have even been known to challenge fans with signature food items large enough to feed entire families.

Footloose and 
Fancy Free
Boasting both talented student dancers and full-time professional dancers moving alongside one another in a fluid, compelling motion, Ballet Pensacola, Pensacola’s resident professional ballet company, returns this month with another season. “This season gives the dance enthusiast the opportunity for great movement; from cutting edge contemporary to classic lines and everything in between,” said Artistic Director Richard Steinert. “From the classic horror genre, to the magic of ‘Nutcracker,’ Ballet Pensacola’s 2013 – 2014 season is filled with spectacle that is both chilling and elegant.” The season kicks off with the horrifically chilling “Dracula.” As an added interactive piece to this particular performance, guests are invited to come in costume.  400 S. Jefferson St.,

Music on the Sand
From the start of spring until well into fall, each and every Tuesday night, carloads upon carloads make their way out to the barrier island’s Gulf Side Pavilion for Bands on the Beach. Presented by the Santa Rosa Island Authority, this free, two hour grand production brings out the masses of all ages each week—with blankets and beach chairs in tow. “When I started this event seven years ago, I envisioned a lot of people coming out to enjoy it, but I had no idea it would grow to be 3,000 or 4,000 people,” said SRIA Executive Director Buck Lee. On top of the usual showing of local and regional acts, this year’s season included a special performance by America’s Got Talent quarter finalist, Chloe Channel of Pace. If you’ve yet to have your fill of Bands on the Beach for the year, it’s not quite over yet. To finish off the season, Petty Cash will be performing Tuesday, Oct. 29. Casino Beach Blvd.,

Belle of the Ball
On top of currently being a part of the largest Impact 100 group in the country, Belle Bear has been a community volunteer and philanthropist her entire life, impacting countless lives through her involvement on community boards, and through service hours dedicated to her favorite charities. She continues her impact by supporting agencies, such as Arc Gateway, through a wide range of involvement activities. “Belle Bear has been a tremendous inspiration to me and to everyone on our Arc Gateway Foundation board,” said Bill Mitchem, Arc Gateway Foundation President. “She spends countless hours planning and organizing our events and promoting Arc Gateway and its clients. Over the last several years I have spent on the Arc Foundation board, our events have consistently grown and so has our contribution to the services Arc Gateway provides to the developmentally disabled. The increased success of this organization is primarily due to Belle’s extraordinary efforts.” Although Belle aims to be a behind-the-scenes servant, her humble dedication truly makes her a shining belle of the ball.

The Sea and Her Shores
Local artist Margaret Biggs is inspired by both the sea and the surrounding shores. Through her paintings, she seeks to recreate a sense of peace and calm that rolls in with each wave that breaks on the shores. “Whether it is the symmetry and color of a seashell or the patterns in the dampened sand, the seashore fascinates me and fills me with a sense of wonder,” she said. “It is this magic and inner peace I find on the beach that I strive to communicate to the viewer.” Her work can be found as staples amongst various coastal establishments—from galleries, to banks to private abodes. Biggs and her pieces even make special guest appearances at Gallery Night, including Gulf Coast Community Bank on Oct. 18 where her paintings will be available for view or for purchase.

Building Bridges
“I’ve really worked hard to build relationships, to bridge the gaps and bring all segments of our community together,” said Lumon May, Escambia County Commissioner for District 3. “I’m representing who elected me and that’s those who haven’t had a voice in county government.” In his first year as a county commissioner, May stated that his main goal has been to build bridges and coalitions “to begin a much needed dialogue” about the direction of the community as a whole. The commissioner still runs May’s Construction and remains active in youth sports, through his non-profit Southern Youth Sports Association. “I measure myself by what I campaigned on,” said May. “I ran on providing opportunity for our youth. For the first time in our county, we’re going to staff community centers,” said May. “We’re trying to develop human capitol.” May also cites successfully recommending the Brownsville Assembly of God church building for purchase and use as a community center as one of his biggest achievements in his first year on the commission, and looks forward to collaborating with city government and county officials on future efforts. 221 Palafox, Suite 400,

Pensacola at Play
Pensacola’s numerous squares and parks are highly esteemed and recognized as a source of pride and venue for activity for many a local in Pensacola. “Our parks are wonderful showpieces for the City of Pensacola,” Kim Carmody, Pensacola Neighborhood Services Superintendent, said. “While each of our parks are unique and offer a variety of recreational and natural amenities, they all help promote physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our neighborhoods more attractive places to live, work, and play.” This idea of play comes in many shapes and forms, and certainly isn’t limited to merely sliding down a slide. “Daily, our residents are playing tennis, hosting family events, walking a trail with a friend, getting married under the pavilion, and even fishing in several parks,” she said. When it comes to upkeep, Carmody credits partners and volunteers with assisting to make the parks better for everyone. “On any given weekend, you will find a park project taking place, where groups are planting sensory gardens, painting equipment, or constructing obstacle courses or swimming docks for our four legged friends.”

The Group Effect
What do the terms teamwork, respect, integrity, generosity, learning and measurable achievement all have in common? They’ve each become synonymous with the group effect of Studer Group. “We are a passionate group of people who are motivated to have purpose, do worthwhile work and make a difference,” said Debbie Ritchie, COO/Operations Leader. “Consequently that is reflected in our work environment. We measure what’s important and focus on improvement until we get it right.” This starts with their leader, Quint Studer, who radiates this practice of service through his own organization and any outside organization his team works to serve. “Studer Group is fully committed to its employees and the local community, which is reflected in how we treat those we work with and those we serve,” said Ritchie. In case you were left wondering if Studer Group has fun, fret not. They are equally committed to the quality of a well-rounded life. “We also recognize the importance of fun so our work environment reflects that too,” said Ritchie. “We promote activities that let us enjoy each other away from work, for example talent competitions, luncheons and baseball games. 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Ste. 6,

Symphonious Sounds
Pensacola Symphony Orchestra has kicked off the month with yet another season of sounds signaling excitement within the community. Directed by the promoter of all things symphonious, artistic and excellent, maestro Peter Rubardt, the season includes a blend of never before seen performances and the return of favorites that will have you holding on to the edge of your plush seat in the Saenger Theater. “The highlight of each season for me is the Beethoven and Blue Jeans performance,” said John O’Connor, Marketing & Development Director. “We have a world-class trumpet soloist coming this year and the music is a mix of familiar and totally ‘out there.’ Get your tickets early because this concert always sells out.” If you can’t decide on a single performance to attend, Masterwork Series tickets are available. 205 E. Zaragoza St.,

Freshman Year Favorite
Though some may criticize government for not getting things done, Andy Terhaar seems determined to bust that stereotype, at least in his own service. “I’m trying to make sure there is accountability, to get issues resolved in a timely manner,” Terhaar said. “It’s about getting things done so people can see results.” During his first year serving as the City Council Member for District 3, he has put action behind those words by not only negotiating a use agreement between the Community Maritime Park Associates and Northwest Florida Professional Baseball, Inc./The Blue Wahoos, but also negotiating a lease for the city-owned property adjacent to the Montessori School of Pensacola for use in physical education activities. When not busy producing tangible results for the city, Terhaar utilizes his skills and background in commercial real estate in his “day job” working as a Property Manager for Neal & Company.  Ultimately, Terhaar says he most enjoys interacting with new people. “Being on the City Council has broadened my reach in that way, has me interacting with more people in the community.” 222 W. Main St.,

Community Leadership
Affiliated with HCA, the nation’s leading provider of healthcare, West Florida Hospital offers a number of major health services that have consistently shaped the lives of its patients—and in turn, the Northwest Florida community. “What truly makes West Florida Healthcare stand out is our team of expert physicians and staff who are dedicated to providing high quality compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones,” said Brian P. Baumgardner, President and Chief Executive Officer of West Florida Healthcare. “As a result, we have been recognized for our commitment to quality care by some of the most respected organizations in healthcare.” On top of the accolades, the private rooms, a comprehensive physical rehabilitation center and mental health facility, and the quality care, the reach of West Florida Hospital extends far beyond the hospital walls, and out into the community. “While West Florida Healthcare has earned many awards and distinctions acknowledging the outstanding medical care we provide, we are most proud of the leadership role our physicians and staff play in the communities we serve,” said Baumgardner. 8383 N. Davis Hwy.,


The Cat’s Meow
This November will mark 10 whole years that Cat Country 98.7 has been on the air, not to mention six years for NewsRadio 1620. While several local radio stations are just playing syndicated shows, Cat Country/NewsRadio is the only locally owned and operated station. “Our mission is to serve the community in any way we can,” said General Manager and owner Mary Hoxeng. Whether you’re jamming out to Taylor Swift, listening to local news, or catching up with your favorite DJs, the radio station is keeping you entertained throughout the day. Beyond the radio waves, it’s rare to head to a Gulf Coast event and not see the country station’s “cool cat” mascot hanging out with the crowd and handing out free swag. It’s all part of the station’s service. The best part of owning a radio station in Pensacola is the people, Hoxeng said.

The Power to Surprise
Advertising is only as good as its product or service. When that product is Kia AutoSport of Pensacola, it makes the ads that much better. “Great agencies bask in the light of their clients,” said Steve Lorenzo, managing partner of JFK Advertising, brains behind Kia AutoSport of Pensacola’s advertising since 1999. While JFK’s Kia ad contracts extend far past Pensacola, when it comes to Pensacola specifically, Lorenzo is quick to note, “They are one of the top performing Kia dealerships in the country. They make us look good.” He also touts General Manager Jessica Lee for being a standout leading businesswoman in a predominantly male-steered car salesmen world. Then there’s the area outreach. On top of the onsite success, Kia AutoSport of Pensacola is deeply involved in the community. “It’s really a value story,” said Lorenzo. “One that makes you say—gee wiz, I really want a Kia.” 6637 Pensacola Blvd.,

Don’t Hate
If you’ve seen any of the “I hate Joe Zarzaur” ads on billboards or in newspapers, you’ve probably done a double take. The Pensacola trial lawyer was inspired to start the campaign after winning a case that awarded his client $9.3 million against Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. “The other inspiration was the fact that I hate typical lawyer ads,” Zarzaur explained. And Zarzaur is not your typical lawyer. “One percent of Florida lawyers have qualifications like mine,” he said. “I am a civil trial specialist according to the Florida Bar. Most importantly, I have a track record at the courthouse for leaving with verdicts that most would not have expected.” One hundred percent of Zarzaur’s cases are wrongful death and personal injury, none of which he takes lightly. “I try to put my clients in the most powerful bargaining position possible,” he said. “They [insurance companies] know that when I show up on a case that they have two choices:  Be reasonable and pay what they should or get ready for a battle at the courthouse. It certainly helps that I love helping my clients and my job.”  11 Romana St.,


Picture Perfect
Wedding photographer Jessi Field doesn’t just take pictures, she tells a story. “I think I see life in a way that most people don’t and I see things that a lot of others would miss,” said Field on her website. “I want to capture the details so that they aren’t forgotten. I just want to tell your story.” From engagement sessions to full wedding packages, Field works with clients to make sure photos are natural and not forced poses. “The best kinds of images always are the ones where you feel most comfortable,” she said. “Most importantly be you, be unique.” Field takes her time with each session, which can include various locations, to ensure that desired shots are taken. “It’s not about the time we take, it’s how it’s spent,” she said. “And I plan to spend it photographing your love.”

Best Face Forward
As an Aveda Concept Salon, London W1 sells Aveda products, and as owner Billie Wakeman explained, “We provide complimentary Aveda stress relieving rituals with each and every service.” Between military balls, high school Homecoming season and October weddings, Wakeman said fall is a busy season, but the salon stays bustling throughout the year with the range of hair and makeup services they offer. In fact, the shop’s own Karla Varley was voted a top bridal make-up artist in the area for her “attention to detail and fact that she takes time to teach clients how to achieve a look once the leave the salon,” according to Wakeman. A rewarding customer experience is the goal at London W1. “The most rewarding thing to me is that we can change the way someone feels about themselves or brighten their day when they need it. As a business owner, when I see them return over and over again, I feel very blessed and honored that they have chosen us at London W1.” 120 S. Palafox,

Marital (Dessert) Bliss
Known for its cupcakes, Oh Snap! is also an increasingly popular source for wedding cakes. “The wedding business is great. During March, April, and May we are booked every weekend,” said co-manager Erin Stevens. While a tower of cupcakes is certainly within the bakery’s wheelhouse, they also specialize in custom cakes of varying sizes, as well as cake toppers. “We are making more and more specialty cakes, even tiered cakes for first birthdays,” said Stevens. The staff consults with couples to work out specifically what they’d like their wedding cake to look—and of course, taste—like.  “It’s all about the quality, the time that goes into everything we make,” said Stevens, who like the rest of the team, thrives on the challenge of a new project. “The greatest rewards are customer satisfaction and also personal satisfaction—seeing the finished product and being in awe of what you created in an enjoyably fast-paced environment. To see a project come together is a great, rewarding feeling.” 707 E. Cervantes St., Suite A,

Waterfront Whimsy
Chances are there won’t be a fall weekend that passes by that you won’t see a cheerful bride and groom tying the knot at Palafox Wharf. Be it outside atop the green grass in the warmth of the midday sun, or inside the brick walls of the establishment, with the setting sun peeking through the windows. Regardless of the occasion, the versatility of this delightful wedding and diverse-usage event space, allows guests the flexibility to mingle on the outside deck sipping on wine while overlooking the bay, or congregate inside where the action is—busting moves on the dance floor, lining up at buffet tables, or looking out across a crowded room while toasting the stars of the show.  “We are working diligently at meeting our goal of making every one of our weddings and events perfect and amazing, and also to be this area’s Premier Wedding Reception & Events Venue,” said Sandy McDavid. 617 S. Palafox,

Easy Breezy
Keeping the bridal party comfortable is not the easiest of tasks, but it’s essential for wedding photography. “I believe the secret to every successful wedding is making sure my couples are completely at ease,” said Melissa Wilson of Melissa Wilson Photography. “Only then can they be themselves and let their true love shine through.” Melissa Wilson Photography embraces what makes each couple unique by getting to know the bride and groom—Wilson’s favorite part of the job, she said. “My packages are designed with each unique couple in mind. Whether you desire an exquisite heirloom album, custom wall art, or an engagement session, there’s something for everyone.” When the wedding is over, couples can relive their special day all over again with digital negatives, which Wilson provides to every client. Whether your needs are an engagement photo session, or that one, perfect photo to hang in the house, Wilson is continually rewarded by getting to share memories with her clients. “I strive to provide a unique, incredible experience to all my fabulous couples,” she said. “To make their wedding journey an unforgettable one fills my heart with joy. It’s a renewed blessing every time I capture that pure, sweet love through my lens.”

In Bloom
Chloe Lawry, owner of Supposey, understands the importance of a beautiful bouquet. “We have a reputation of delivering stellar flowers arranged in unique, unusual, beautiful combinations,” she said. “We love blooms that are rare, unexpected and diverse. We bring our flowers in from all over the world and enjoy enticing people with flowers that they may have never seen before.” Supposey specializes in wedding arrangements, but offers full-service florals for various events and occasions. “Our services are available for an event of any size—from gatherings to galas,” Lawry said. “We also service many professionals and corporate offices with weekly fresh blooms.” Making the client as happy as possible is the goal of Supposey. “We strive to create an open atmosphere that allows our clients to feel comfortable, and one that allows us to grow and deliver full-blown flower gorgeousness.” Lawry said. With a team of creative and professional-minded individuals, there’s no limit to what Supposey can do. “Our team of experienced, naturally creative and professional ladies create custom and original designs from unexpected combinations,” Lawry said. “The end result being what we like to call, ‘Posey perfect.’” 520 E. Zarragossa St.,