Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


“The Gulf Breeze Arch” Unveiling

Sunday afternoon marks the officially unveiling of “The Gulf Breeze Arch” an architectural ceramic sculpture and original art piece created by world renowned artists Peter King and Xinia Marin. Despite having a number of public art pieces displayed both across the United States, and abroad, this is the largest and most detailed piece of their careers. Although it’s been in place for several months covered with tarp for safe keeping, this will be the first time area residents get to see the sculpture live and in full, up close and personal view.

The ornate design of the double-sided arch honors the City of Gulf Breeze’s 50th Anniversary. In staying true to the area, the piece brings together historical elements, while painting a picture of the area’s natural habitat, including indigenous live oak trees, shells, nesting sea turtles, breaking waves, and the gentle winds. One side of the sculpture carries the sun at its topmost point, and the other side, the moon.

Not only was the arch designed to represent the community, it will stand to offer a sense of honor and enjoyment to each individual who passes it on a daily basis. The unveiling ceremony will be a community gathering and include a time of original music.

WHEN: 2 p.m., Sunday Nov. 10
WHERE: Shoreline Park, Across from Gulf Breeze Community Center at boat ramp entrance
DETAILS: 725-5996 or