Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 24th 2017


[A Few of Our Favorite] Things to Eat and Drink Right Now

By IN staff

Weve all had Grits Ya Ya. And we all hope it is a dish that will always be around. Most of us Southerners can agree that it doesnt get much better than one-of-a-kind dishes featuring grits as the star of the show. While Pensacolas signature grits dish certainly ought not to be downplayed, there are increasingly more one-of-a-kind food and beverage items currently being served around town that likewise shouldnt go unnoticed.

Whether you have family coming into town for the holidays and want to wow their palates with something a little different or are looking to try something new yourself, weve compiled a quick list of local favorites to carry you through the season. Some are weekly specials that go fast, others are dishes that are here to stay, or at least plan on sticking around for the entire season.

Weve included a couple of longstanding establishments we could never grow weary of, who have added new items to their menus; those who specialize in seasonal delights; and even a few newer kids on the block who have recently broken into the steadily growing local food and beverage scene.

Each item possesses not only a unique taste, but also provides a signature experience. Some make for a quick bite. Others require you to sit down and stay long enough to savor multiple courses. All bring something a little bit unexpected to the table. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a few of our favorite things to eat and drink right now.

Midweek Mac

Monday nights at The Magnolia may be reserved for all things Meatless, but Wednesdays, on the other hand, have become religiously devoted to putting a spin on the classic comfort food favorite, Mac N Cheese. The only thing that could make a fresh out of the oven bowl of macaroni (mac) dripping with melted cheese even better is to pack it with decadent ingredients. Since the debut of their Lobster Mac, The Magnolia has expanded to include quite the lineup of rotating macs, including the infamous BBB (bacon, bourbon and blue cheese) Mac, Avocado Mac, Green Chili Mac, Pimiento Cheese Mac, Shrimp Florentine Mac, Beer Mac and Buffalo Mac. Rumor has it they are even working on perfecting a vegan mac. The only downside to the mac madness is that its in such high demand. If you miss out on Wednesday, youll be lucky if there is any left for you on Thursday. The good news is, the mac is set to make a midweek debut at Constant Coffee & Tea in the near future, so there will be a bit more to go around.

WHERE: 2907 E. Cervantes St.
DETAILS: or 912-6196


Prix Fixe Vegan Spectacular

When someone says the words multi-course vegan spectacular chances are End of the Line Caf矇s Sunday brunch comes to mind. You may even have visions of eggless benedict and biscuits dancing through your head. What if we told you that you could have a weeknight multi-course vegan spectacular that rivals brunch? Well, its true. Sunday isnt the only day of the week that caf矇 patrons can be dazzled by course upon course of fresh, organic vegan cuisine. Each Thursday night brings something new to the table, with a different menu every week, planned just the day prior. If items like country fried soy steaks, cranberry-walnut stuffed acorn squash, sweet potato pie, or coconut truffles with blood orange sauce and dark chocolate mud make your mouth water, then trust us when we say that whatever End of the Lines menu happens to be on your Thursday of choice, itll be right up your alley.

WHERE: 610 E. Wright St.
DETAILS: or 429-0336


Authentically Cuban

Good news. You dont have to attempt to make it to Cuba, or even drive to South Florida to indulge upon authentic Cuban cuisine any longer. Thanks to Katies Cuban Caf矇, the new kid on the Js Pastry block of 12th Avenue in East Hill, the neighborhood has been introduced to a plethora of Cuban dishes in recent months. While everyday Katies serves an authentic Cuban sandwich, pastries, and coffee, Friday Specials offer an entire plateful of a Cuban culinary experience. One returning feature in these rotating weekly specials is paellaa signature Spanish-born rice-based dish that has quickly been a local favorite. Whether its seafood paella or items such as sweet plantains, or the potato-like yucca, each Friday brings a hearty meal of authentic Cuban cuisine to the neighborhood, one that is served all day long with complimentary homemade Sangria for those 21 and older.

WHERE: 2030 N. 12th Ave.
DETAILS: 466-2365


Yummy Lunch

Chances are by now youve driven over to Yummi Deli during your lunch break to chow down on one of their signature Banh Mi sandwiches. Or maybe youve slurped down some Pho or Bun Bo Hue soupsboth recently added as permanent fixtures to their menu. But perhaps, one thing you might not have tried is the Vietnamese delis new lunch specials, a prime pick for the especially hungry stomach. Available two to three days each week, the current menu features Vietnamese style chicken quarters served with white rice, egg and veggies on the side. Next up on the list of specials is grilled pork, followed by kalbi beef. Though touted as lunch specials, luckily these hearty entrees are served throughout the entirety of the day, or until they run out.

WHERE: 2416 W Cervantes St.
DETAILS: or 733-3354


Changing Type

A menu that never sleeps? Yes, Pensacola foodies, that is now a thing here in town. On top of a collection of fixed signature menu items, the recently opened restaurant, Type by Chef Blake Rushing, brings in new items every two weeks, keeping diners on the edge of their seats. The starters, mains and desserts on the Type menu change in an effort to accommodate seasonal ingredients when they are at their freshest and finest. When it comes to the signatures, one bite of the house-cured bacon and youll understand why its here to stay. Accompanied by fennel citrus salad, a blood orange, and served with bacon powder and sherry vinegar caramel, its no wonder this dish has guests raving and asking for more. Speaking of more, assuming you save room, each of the current dessert features includes at least one ingredient that is too fancy to pronounce on the first attempt, meaning you know youre getting a taste of the best.

WHERE: 501 N. 9th Ave (@ Duh)
DETAILS: or 466-5181


Souper Sweet

While their lunch menu may stay a bit more fixed than their dinner offerings, the team at Restaurant IRON works equally hard to impress their customers with an unparalleled experience during the day, as they do at night. And what better pairing for a midday affair than a seasonal soup with a sandwich or salad? The American Onion Soup is a recent addition to Restaurant IRONs lunch menu that packs more onion flavor in a single spoonful than some soups are able to pull off in an entire bowl. The use of local sweet onions and trotter stock makes for an American Onion Soup that is rich in flavor, yet light enough to pair with staple features that have become favorites to regulars. Try it alongside a Crab Boiled Cajun Reuben or a Marcus Caesar Salad depending on the size of your appetite.

WHERE: 2500 Oak Pointe Dr.
DETAILS: or 476-7776


Smoked, Roasted, Candied

Along with receiving loud applause for their spectacular uninterrupted view of sunsets over the bay, Jacos Bayfront Bar and Grille also has quite a few bites worth writing home about. Although their three weeks of three dollar specials in celebration of their three year anniversary may be closing out this week, there is always a lunch or dinner special to be had, in addition to the chefs daily catch. In case thats not quite special enough for you, Jacos also offers a signature special each month. Currently, patrons can enjoy indulging on Smoked Duck Breast, served with roasted butternut squash, wild rice, glazed figs, and a candied orange peel. To add to the experience, chances are the weather will be mild enough for you to enjoy this dish while sitting facing the bay and watching the sunset. Enjoy sipping on a glass, or entire bottle, of this months wine special, the Hidden Crush Cabernet Sauvignon, loaded with aromas of cherry and black currant.

WHERE: 997 S. Palafox
DETAILS: or 432-5226


Home-grown Ensembles

As if Global Grill didnt make enough of a statement with their summertime Heirloom Tomato Salad, theyve done it again this fall. Only this seasonits mushrooms. If Shiitake, Portobello, Crimini, Oyster and Enoki Mushrooms served over arugula with goat cheese and toasted pecans, and tossed in a white truffle vinaigrette doesnt make your mouth water, Im not sure what will. Though global might be in their name, this seasonal salad is loaded with nothing but local flavors from start to finishfrom the mushrooms and arugula hailing from Coldwater Gardens to the pecans sourced from Renfroe Pecans. After youve had your fill of shrooms, if you can handle an even sweeter local seasonal indulgence, try a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert, made with fresh local pumpkins with the additions of Chantilly Cream, and a duo of Maple Crown Royal Sauce and Candied Pecan Caramel. Of course, at this point, you might as well treat yourself to a martini to finish things off, while youre at it.

WHERE: 27 S. Palafox
DETAILS: or 469-9966


Coffee Fizz & Smashed Tea

As youre coming around the bend into East Pensacola Heights, you can now stop by the recently opened Constant Coffee & Tea for a cup of coffee. If youre feeling a bit more adventurous, you can jump clear out of the box and test out one of their signature coffee, tea or soda mock-tails. The entire menu is sure to peak your curiosity, with items like a Bicycle, or a Ginger Ale Cobbler. Prepare to change the way you think about iced coffee after one sip of the Iced Coffee Fizz. Adorned with an orange peel, this quenching caffeinated beverage combines cold brew coffee with tastes of raspberry and orange bitters, livened up with a fizz. You wont even notice theres no milk to be had in this signature beverage. Over on the tea front, the Rosemary Black Tea Smash brings together fresh rosemary with a light and airy tea, and like the coffee, the right amount of sparkle. Both are served in a mason jar. Although in some areas of the country iced beverages in fall may seem taboo, the good news is, were in Florida.

WHERE: 615 Scenic Hwy.
DETAILS: or 432-3991


Homebrewcha Kombucha

Even though Pensacola doesnt quite have Kombucha on tap yet, we do have the homebrewed variety of this detoxifying probiotic tea ready for delivery or pickup, thanks to Margeauxs Homebrewcha Kombucha. This particular homebrewed version of the ancient health elixir is made from organic sweetened tea thats been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Available by the bottle, offerings include plain, ginger, blood orange, and watermelon all made with organic juices. Additional flavors are available by request in larger quantities. Though presently selling directly to consumers, Margeauxs Homebrewcha Kombucha is in the process of expanding to retail outlets. One sip of this particular SCOBY and you just might find yourself peacefully energized, and sold on the tasteful potency and natural effervescence.



Seeing Red

Not only is Pot Roast & Pinot the name of a restaurant, its also the name of a winning pairing at said establishment; that is, if you are in the mood for a hearty dish washed down with a vibrant red. Described as melt in your mouth good, the namesake mighty slab of beef is slow roasted and served with rainbow carrots and fingerling potatoes. Although some may call this a Yankee pot roast, its a dish that simply screams Southern comfort. And since no roast would be quite complete without something to sip on, this signature dish is said to pair perfectly with Lucas and Lewellen Pinot Noir available by the glass or bottle at Pot roast & Pinot, making for a winning red on red combo. Although pot roast may be the shining star of the menu, theres a vegetarian pot pie that deserves a nod, which we imagine pairs equally well with pinot.

WHERE: 321 E. Cervantes St.
DETAILS: or 607-7339


Anchovy Addiction

Something you may not normally consider addiction-worthy is anchovies. It may be time to rethink your feelings if you find yourself grimacing, picturing these fish straight out of the box. If theres one thing customers at Carmens Lunch Bar cant get enough of right now, on top of seasonal soups and salads, its boquerones, or Spanish white anchovies. Originating from the Basque Country in Spain, these mild white anchovies served at Carmens are preserved in olive oil and vinegar and doctored up to perfection. Youll find these fish draped over a toasted baguette and smeared with Romesco saucea traditional Spanish sauce made from roasted red peppers and almonds, and sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley. Boquerones are also said to be a welcomed addition to Carmens Green Salad. Due to the boquerones popularity, you will have to wait a couple of weeks to get some. But not to worrythey will be making a comeback. Be on the lookout for them to be a fixture on the menu come December in the form of Tostas de Boquerones or white anchovy toasts.

WHERE: 407-B S. Palafox
DETAILS: or 542-4334


Wine-ing & Gliding

Rather than simply sipping wine by the glass or bottle this season, why not glide your way to some of Pensacolas many celebrated wine tastings. Each Thursday and Friday, Emerald Coast Tours takes groups on Segway adventures, incorporating wine into the mix. Thursdays are designated for a tasting at Aragon Wine Market, and Friday Nights at Seville Quarter. Each trip includes nearly an hour of Segway gliding time, and at least a half hour of wine tasting.

WHEN: 5:30 7 p.m. Thursday and Fridays
WHERE: Emerald Coast Tours, 5 W. Main Street
COST: Adults $45; Locals/Students/Military $40

DETAILS: or 417-9292