Pensacola, Florida
Friday October 19th 2018


Winners & Losers 9.23

The fall TV season has begun and the media, paparazzi and bored division of the IN media and entertainment empire was mailed, in a brown envelope, this list of shows that didn’t make the schedule, but still have a chance to be picked up.

TARVILLE When tar balls coated with toxic chemicals strike the beaches of Escambia County, a young boy is left behind (along with his Vessel of Opportunity) and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Suttles. Raised as a good, wholesome Southern boy, Bob soon realizes his otherworldly powers, such as finding tar buried several feet below the sand, are only just starting to emerge. Caught between using his powers to defeat dispersant-infected bad guys and dealing with his deep, dark secret (he’s allergic to fish), life at the Suttles beach house is never dull.

LOST Pensacola City Council members P. C. Wu, Ronald Townsend, John Jerralds and Jewel Cannada-Wynn, are left stranded at Pensacola City Hall without City Manager Al Coby to explain how to vote on issues. The four strangers must work together to stay alive and survive the Tab monster.

ESCAMBIA FIVE-O: “Book ‘em, Rando.” A new county administrator, Charles “Randy” Oliver is hired to keep the hallways of Escambia County government safe from the “Good Ol’ Boys.” At the request of the Board of County Commissioners, Oliver handpicks his team and heads up the unit under “his rules, no red tape and full blanket immunity to hunt down the biggest ‘game’ in town.”

STEPFORD BARBIES A young college graduate begins to suspect that the frighteningly submissive community liaisons for her new idyllic, oil-producing employer may be robots created by their British bosses. As time goes on, she becomes increasingly disturbed by the zombie-like BP spokespersons, especially when she sees her once independent-minded friends turn into mindless, docile representatives who deliver memorized talking points on cue.

GREEN BLOODS This drama centers upon a multi-generational family of City of Pensacola workers. When the city’s first strong mayor is elected, what the new administration uncovers could put the family’s legacy in jeopardy and threaten to tear their pensions apart forever.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD GENE A county commissioner has a hard time finding a “home run, knock-your-socks-off” initiative to launch his second term in office while juggling his other responsibilities. Gene Valentino increased his margin of victory by 147 votes over his 2006 primary win. His first term was like watching NASCAR. We can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring.

OAKCREST Jaye Tyler works at a job far below her level of education—as a librarian in a Brownsville-area school. The book bags and knapsacks at the bus pickup area talk to Jaye, warning her of impending doom in the schools around her, which she must work to prevent. In the first episode, she must convince the school superintendent to give a dilapidated, closed school back to the community.