Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Ears & Fingers 12/05/13

by Jason Leger

Cut Copy- ‘Free Your Mind’
In continuance of last week’s series of 2013 albums that slipped through the cracks, this is one slip that I am most ashamed of. I got extremely excited when I heard the first single, “Let Me Show You Love,” way back in July. I’m only a little less than a month behind, as the album was released the first week of November. I had every intention of following this train until it pulled into station. I kept up with every article, and I listened to every stream. “Free Your Mind” was not going to blaze by me; its proverbial ass was grass. Then, as it often does, life got in the way, other things stole my attention, and crime of all crimes, I forgot about Cut Copy’s new long player. That is, until it came back into my consciousness last week, when I saw it resting on my hard drive. I felt so awful; I opened it immediately and took it for a spin on my Thanksgiving trek to be with family.

All in all, “Free Your Mind” is comfortable. By no means have Cut Copy been recovering trajectories traveled before, a la Franz Ferdinand, but rather are existing in the same vein of club friendly, festival welcomed, dance requiring electronic pop. Their set was actually one of the most memorable from DeLuna Fest (RIP) 2011, as they brought a real party to the closing day of the festival. “Free Your Mind” continues to give the listener more than enough to satiate aurally, but also instills a craving to see this worked out live, on stage. One wants to become a part of what’s happening. This is something that Cut Copy is very good at, and why the band has grown quickly in popularity. The urgency which is created on tape, leads to hyper, ecstatic concerts, thus creating a wide appeal. Personally, my favorite track on the album is “We Are Explorers”  as it sounds as though I’m not the only person in the world who has fallen asleep to Pet Shop Boys one too many times. As with most Cut Copy albums, a posi, upbeat vibe carries throughout, and will make even the hardest heart want to move. “Free Your Mind” is out now via Modular Records.

If You Haven’t Heard: Vancouver Sleep Clinic
There is an old adage that claims youth is wasted on the young. While there does tend to be some truth to this saying, it’s not a universal style truth. It’s also very common in the world we live in for prodigies to rise up and make art that speaks to us in ways even they are still incapable of understanding. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is this style of anomaly. The project of 17 year old Australian Tim Bettinson, VSC is catching major buzz overseas, and is beginning to turn heads stateside, which was only a matter of time. His raw, ethereal emotiveness and penchant for lush layering is drawing strong comparisons to some lofty names like Bon Iver and James Blake, which is certainly something for the kid to be proud of. The first track I spun was called “Vapour.” After the first spin, I hit repeat once. Then, I hit repeat again, and again, and again. It’s haunting, chilling, moving, and will draw you into a dreamy haze, and make you hate the reality it tosses you back into when it ends. VSC has recently finished recording his debut EP, and has released an equally transcendent track called “Collapse.” He is currently on the road, opening up for fellow Aussies, Battleships, but it would take quite a bit of traveling to get to their shows. Be on the lookout for an EP early next year and expect some big things, as Vancouver Sleep Clinic is only gaining steam day to day.