Pensacola, Florida
Saturday February 23rd 2019


Get Engaged

How To Become Informed & Involved In ’14

Sorry to disappoint if you thought we were talking about the other kind of “engaged.”  But this is the Independent News after all, not Cosmo—so you really should have known better.

In the spirit of the new year and just striving to be better people in general, we’ve compiled some useful resources to help get us all started. From a local government breakdown to the upcoming elections (yes—’14 is an election year even though Barack Obama’s job isn’t up for grabs) to tips for volunteering with area non-profits, we tried to cover as many bases as we could think of and answer the questions we’ve asked or heard asked repeatedly. We’re sure we’ve missed some things and we hope you become engaged enough to ask us about them in the very near future.

How To Watchdog (and maybe even participate in) Local Government
Get Out The Vote
The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Do-Gooder
One Advocate’s Story
Post-Worthy Activism