Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018


Post-Worthy Activism

With each new week comes an influx of new things to rant about on social media platforms. Or at least it sure seems that way. Whether in regard to celebrities, politics, economic issues, environmental threats or national news headlines (especially ones that feature Pensacola), 2013 did not fall short in delivering plenty of rant worthy things to post and tweet about.
If updating your status makes you feel “engaged,” then that’s your prerogative. Just keep in mind there’s always the opportunity to turn your passive posts into positive, proactive actions. In case you’re interested in less ranting and more acting this year, here are a few suggestions.

For the Animal Lover…
As we look back to some of 2013’s top rants on the local front, the Escambia County Animal Shelter’s (ECAS) euthanizing a dog named Cowgirl is one that most won’t forget anytime soon. Of course the claws came out on social media immediately following the incident. Fingers crossed something like this never happens again, but if it does we suggest trying to focus on ways to help all the other animals that are still in need.

Donate: In addition to accepting monetary donations, the ECAS, Pensacola Humane Society and Hotel for Dogs & Cats each have a list of preferred items on their websites, needed to help best serve the animals in their care. Although some may require a quick trip by the store, others you may already have.
Volunteer: Pensacola Humane Society depends on its volunteers to walk dogs throughout each day during operating hours and help manage dogs at adoption events. Likewise, the ECAS and Hotel for Dogs & Cats also have volunteer opportunities available.
Adopt/Foster: If you are looking to bring a new friend of your own home this year, consider ECAS as your first stop since it remains a kill shelter, and an adoption from here literally equates to a life saved. Keep in mind that by adopting from other local entities that take animals from the shelter on a regular basis, such as Pensacola Humane Society, you are still saving a life. If you aren’t quite ready or able to welcome a pet into your home fulltime, Pensacola Humane Society can set you up as a temporary foster.
Attend: Animal Services Advisory Committee of Pensacola regularly meets to discuss the future of animal care in the county. The group was created to assist the County with matters pertaining to animal protection, regulation and control. At a time when the county remains on the cusp of no-kill partnerships that could change the future of animal services, there couldn’t be a more vital time to join in the dialogue.

Escambia County Animal Shelter

Hotel For Dogs & Cats

Pensacola Humane Society

For the Environmentally Concerned…
By now we’ve all seen the trees that were cut down on Scenic Highway to make way for the interstate widening. Although it may seem like you woke up and the trees were gone overnight, these decisions take time and have many different elements of consideration that come into play.

If you are looking to educate yourself further on environmental issues that face our region and stay ahead of the game, consider partaking in local environmental dialogue by joining in meetings held by 350 Pensacola. While the 350 mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis — to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet — on a local level the group strives to address a multitude of area environmental issues and welcomes more voices into the dialogue. or