Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


The Elbow Room Lives On

Word travels fast, and rumors tend to travel even faster.

Just in case you heard a rumor implying otherwise, after 50 years of glory, The Elbow Room will not be closing its doors. It has been confirmed that this iconic establishment is simply being taken over by new management. This new management in question has been confirmed as someone who is just like family to The Elbow Room staff, which also offers some relief since the thought of changes to its signature appeal and charm are just too much to handle. The new year at The Elbow Room promises to bring just as much of a speakeasy, nostalgic feel made complete with red lighting, jukebox tunes, board games, delicious eats, Schlitz and Spock-tails as the last 50 years have.

The Elbow Room
2213 W. Cervantes St.