Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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Community Outreach: Area High School Bands Play “Notes of Encouragement” for Kids with Epilepsy

Band members from Tate, Pine Forest, and several other area high schools have joined forces with Epilepsy Services of Northwest Florida to raise money and awareness for children and adults affected by seizure disorders in our community with the “Notes of Encouragement” campaign. The six-week campaign kicks off this Saturday, Sept. 25, in the Cordova Mall food court with a performance from Tate High School’s band at 10 a.m. Student volunteers will also accept donations for “musical notes,” which include a blank space where the donor will write a “note of encouragement” to a child or adult utilizing services provided by Epilepsy Services of Northwest Florida. All the notes collected will be displayed on “sheet music” banners at numerous locations throughout the duration of the campaign.

Epilepsy Services has earmarked the funds from “Notes of Encouragement” to help provide emergency medications to people with seizure disorders, to send children with epilepsy to special summer camps, and other outreach programs. The high school band programs will be able to buy new equipment and uniforms and participate in important competitions.

To donate, volunteer, or learn more about Epilepsy Services of Northwest Florida, call 484-5040, ext. 1340.