Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday June 20th 2018


Staff Pick: Panhandle Slim Shows Up in East Hill

By Jessica Forbes

Artist Scott “Panhandle Slim” Stanton is returning to his native Pensacola for another hometown show at Ozone Pizza Pub. Even if you think you don’t know his work, chances are if you’ve eaten out in a number of locally owned restaurants downtown, you’ve seen a Panhandle Slim original.

Stanton’s paintings fuse portraiture with literature, poetry, and other previously spoken and/or written insight—whether a given piece makes you laugh, reflect, or pick up a new reference or two from the range of musicians, authors, activists, actors and others that he puts to canvas, Stanton’s boldly colored works are usually a treat for the eye and the psyche.

“So many great quotes from the past fit the news of today,” Stanton said, who explained that much of his inspiration comes each morning while reading the New York Times and local papers in Savannah, Ga., his current home base. “That helps spark me for the day on what to paint.”

Stanton says he paints every day and has no shortage of quotes to keep him working. “I have so many quotes in my head, I have found myself quoting them in daily conversation with people. I make sure to keep a check on that, because I do not want to be that guy.”
Though the Pensacola reception is one night, the paintings will remain in Ozone for a short time after March 11. Stanton assures there will be a variety of sizes and subject matter on display. “I’m not sure how many pieces I will bring,” he said. “I just load the van up with as many as will fit.”

Lately, Stanton has found a new, super-kitschy backdrop to play on with paint: mass-produced prints from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. “Painting on thrift store paintings is a rather new development for me,” Stanton said. Along with friends, he mines the old-school works from thrift stores throughout the South, including here in Pensacola.

“It seems like I always have a show up somewhere across this land,” Stanton, whose work has made him a sort of folk art rock star, stated. “I don’t usually attend the shows, but Pensacola is home and it’s a great chance to see old and new friends.” Stanton said he is happy to explain to anyone inquiring about his name—which he took from a brand of western-style shirt a friend once wore—where he’s from and the role it has played in his development as an artist.

“I sure tell them I’m from the Panhandle of Florida, and I talk about how unique, wonderful and strange of a place it is,” he said. “I always talk it up, and I mean every word.”

WHEN: 6—9 p.m. Tuesday, March, 11
WHERE: Ozone Pizza Pub, 1010 North 12th Ave., Suite 111
COST: The show itself is free to check out; the cost of eats and art purchases are up to you
DETAILS: 433-7336 or