Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


Black Thumb Approved

by Joani Delezen

No matter how much we read about them, water them and maybe even talk to them, there are still some of us out there who have a hard time keeping plants alive. And we here at the IN know from personal experience that it’s not for lack of trying. Sometimes it’s actually the opposite—like overwatering. Or too much sunlight.  But black thumbs be damned, we want to learn to be better plant people.

So we asked one of our favorite floral pros, Chloe Winchester Lawry of Supposey Wedding Florals, to give us the lowdown on some durable house plants that those of us cursed with poor plant juju might be able to keep alive. Here are her top five suggestions:

1. Air Plants (Tillandsias): These funky eye-catching plants are epiphytes, and collect moisture through their foliage from the air, with no soil. They’re known for only needing water about every two weeks. Depending on the size and type, full immersion for ten minutes or a heavy misting is best. Helpful hint: If you immerse them, let them dry upside down, so they can drain. Improper drainage will promote the growth of mold. Also make sure you use a simple fertilizer mist* to replenish the plants essential nutrients.

2. Crotons: A very easy-care house plant that looks great any time of year. They come in six main varieties with diverse leaf shapes and bright, pigmented colors. They can double as an outdoor plant. The unique leaves make this plant great for cuttings. The waxy coating helps to keep hydration at a max. They can last up to two weeks in fresh water.

3. Succulents: These plants come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve grown over thirty varieties in our Supposey cutting garden. Succulents are known for easy care, but with a common misconception—don’t over water. Gower’s tip: Break off the healthy leaves on the bottom of the bloom at the base. Plant in moist dirt/sand mixture, and they will regenerate a new bloom. Seriously, these babies multiply like bunnies.

4. Cactus: First off, cactus can suffer from sunburns just like people. The balance is to find bright light, but not direct. The soil should be keep moist, and it should never dry out. Especially when potted, plants dry out quickly. A light watering weekly with proper drainage is key.

5. Ivy: This comes in many varieties and is easy to care for with many of the same care steps as the others listed. The basics for all of these house plants are simple: Keep the soil moist, but well drained. Find a happy spot with filtered light, no direct sun. Lastly, pay attention to your plants. Most house plants die due to lack of care.

*Supposey sells fertilizer mist at their office inside The Wedding Studio. You’ll also find succulents, air plants and terrariums for purchase there too—like the awesome ones featured on this week’s cover. Make sure you check them out next time you’re downtown (like for Gallery Night on Friday, maybe) if you haven’t already.

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