Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 25th 2018


The Buzz 3/27/14

A Better Texas On Thursday, March 20, Gov. Rick Scott handled a campaign meeting at The Fish House. He told the audience of three dozen business leaders and elected officials why he was seeking re-election this year.

His personal story is compelling. He grew up not knowing his birth father. He lived in public housing, and his family always struggled for money.

His mother told him, “You can do whatever you want.” She had four expectations for her son: get a job, make good grades, go to church and become an Eagle Scout.

The governor said that when he was elected in 2010, the state was headed in the wrong direction. Florida was known as “The Foreclosure Capital of the World.”

“We lost jobs because we didn’t care. Phone calls didn’t get returned,” Scott said. The attitude he brought to state government was “how do you make businesses succeed.”

Does it all work?  Scott said it does. Under Crist as governor, Florida lost 832,000 jobs. Scott has added 503,000. Plus the state has one of the biggest drops in unemployment in the country. In his first year, Scott said he had to balance a budget dealing with a $36 million deficit. He has cut taxes 420 times, paid off $7.1 million in debt and now has $2 billion budget surplus.

He considers Texas the state’s biggest competition. Scott said he told Texas Gov. Rick Perry, “My job is to kick your butt. I want to be number one.”

“This is a better Texas,” Scott said.

Hey, We Know That Guy Scott Greenberg, whose public relations firm handled the public relations for 2011 DeLuna Festival, moved to Washington, D.C. to become the Public Relations and Publications Manager for The Washington Ballet.

Greenberg is also the new face of the Republican’s latest effort to lure the hipster vote. In the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama captured 60 percent of the
19-to-29 vote. The GOP wants to change that and have come up an ad campaign that blames Obama for all the woes of the millennials.

One of the ads focuses on the Obama energy policy and shows Greenberg talking while driving a car. He says that he shouldn’t have to “check my bank account before I fill up my car,” and shares his desire for a national energy policy that includes “solar, wind, shale gas, oil, whatever.”

He signs off, “I’m a Republican because we should have an all-of-the-above energy policy.”

The ads are on the GOP YouTube page.

North Hill Wins The North Hill Preservation Association fought the city of Pensacola and Florida Department of Corrections to stop the state agency from moving its Parole and Probation offices to the old Coca-Cola plant on North Palafox.

The group created its own Facebook page, “Not in Anyone’s Backyard,” and spoke at the last city council meeting. The residents picketed Governor Rick Scott’s meeting at The Fish House, even blocking his motorcade for a few minutes.

On Friday, March 22, Melanie Nichols, president of the association, received a surprise phone call from Governor Scott. Nichols said the governor assured her that the Department of Corrections would not be moving into the old Coca-Cola building and thanked her for her work for her community.

“We are so grateful to the governor for stepping in to help once he realized how close it was to a neighborhood, parks, and schools,” Nichols told the Independent News.

North Hill families held a victory celebration Saturday night at the city’s Alabama Square.