Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 27th 2018


The Voice of PRECUBED

By Sarah McCartan

Chances are you’ve heard the instrumentation of local musician Aaron Finlay at least once, probably more, and in several capacities. This weekend you’ll get to hear him front and center in the form of his solo project PRECUBED.

What began as a home recording project has transformed into far more over the past several years. Although Finlay is the man behind the band and the solo voice of PRECUBED, the onstage lineup has expanded to include a network of local musicians who are close friends.

As far as the music goes, while the title of the latest EP is “Voices,” the music itself features primarily instrumental sounds from start to finish, with the exception of harmonious ooos and aaas.

Along with releasing new music, Finlay has been adding more live shows to his recent schedule, including Friday, April 18 at Vinyl Music Hall, where he will be performing with locals Pioneers! O Pioneers! and Timberhawk, along with Baton Rouge-based act, England in 1819.

Leading up to this showcase at Vinyl, the IN caught up with Finlay to elaborate on the inspiration behind PRECUBED.

IN: How has PRECUBED shifted shapes since you started this project five years ago?
Finlay: It started as a home recording project that evolved into a seven piece band with some of my best friends and favorite musicians: Brad Frick (Mi Capitan), Brandon Warren (Isle), David Doelker (Isle) Damien Louviere (Ashmen), Sean Peterson (Imaginary Air Show) and Tobi Echevarria (Isle).

IN: How do you approach PRECUBED differently than the other projects you are involved with?
Finlay: It’s a very go with the flow approach. Most of the songs are created during the recording. Not much is planned out.

IN: Do you write and record everything entirely solo?
Finlay: I recorded and performed everything up until the “Voices” EP. Brandon Warren played on a song and Sean Peterson recorded, mixed and performed as well.

IN: How do the added players on stage change the energy and atmosphere from the recordings?
Finlay: They add more dynamics to the music. The more repetitive songs have room for improvising. It’s an all around different feel.

IN: As far as your new EP, “Voices” goes, was this something you’ve been working on for quite some time? Is there a full album in the works?
Finlay: We recorded four songs in the span of two years. I was busy and focusing on other projects (Imaginary Air Show, Isle, Ashmen, etc). Not sure if or when I’ll record a full album. I’ve always been a fan of EP’s. 4-6 songs.

IN: Any never before heard songs to be expected at Friday’s show?
Finlay: It will be a mix of old and new songs. Pretty sure most of these songs will be new to a lot of people.

IN: I noticed you will also be playing the following night at the Alabama Music Box in Mobile. Are you planning on scheduling more out of town?
Finlay: Yes. I’m in booking mode right now. Just taking advantage of the downtime with the other projects. I can’t take too long of a break from playing original music. I’d go nuts.

IN: Musically speaking, sound-wise, is there any set direction you’ve been seeking to take PRECUBED from the start?
Finlay: I’ve always wanted to do a movie score. Instrumental music for me is just as important as a good lyric or melody. I don’t want to limit my sound to certain genre. I try to pull from everything I listen to.

To sample some PRECUBED tracks before the show, visit

WITH: Timberhawk, England in 1819 and Pioneers! O Pioneers!
WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday, April 18
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $5


A Pioneer Send-off

This show also marks a different occasion for fellow act Pioneers! O Pioneers! This show will be the band’s final performance. Over the course of the past four years, the IN has been sharing in the music, growth and development of these pioneers and looks forward to hearing their songs live, one last time.