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Sunday May 27th 2018


The Buzz 5/15/14

Medical Care for Inmates At the May 8 Escambia County Commission meeting, Director of Corrections Gordon Pike told the board that the county has hired six additional mental health counselors and one addition medical doctor to see to the needs of those prisoners hurt in the April 30 explosion at the Central Booking and Detention Center.

Pike’s announcement came a day after Interim County Administrator Larry Newsom received a letter from attorney Chris Klotz requesting medical care for his clients.

Inmate Christopher M. Wilson had shown, since being released by a local hospital back to the county jail, symptoms of facial paralysis possibly due to suffering a stroke or transient ischemic attack after the blast. Another client, Larry Salter, had been prescribed pain medicine after being treated by a hospital and had not received those medicines in the jail, according to Koltz.

“Mr. Salter is in extreme pain and has not been given the medication prescribed by medical providers he saw,” wrote the attorney. “Additionally, his family has reported that he is not receiving his asthma medications when he needs them.”

He also said his client Devante A. Knight had a fractured foot and traumatic injuries to his arm, shoulder and back.  Knight has not received his prescriptions or a follow-up evaluation for his back.

“I hope the county will obtain the advice and care of a medical care provider qualified in triaging and identifying blast-related injuries,” Klotz said. “All of the inmates need to be screened by specialists trained in identifying and treating blast injuries.

Running Robot Seeks Crowdfunding Robotics Unlimited, a spinoff of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), is using Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website, to fund the production of Outrunner, which it claims is the world’s first remotely-controlled robot.

The robot has been developed by the team of IHMC engineers and scientists that have been working on the development of walking and running robots for years. The team includes Robotics Unlimited Founder and CEO Sebastien Cotton, Ph.D., Electronics Designer Colton Black, Mechanical Designer Nick Payton, Strategic Business Advisor (IHMC founder) Ken Ford, Ph.D., and Robotic Design and Multimedia Specialists William Howell and Jason Conrad.

Outrunner will come in two models. The OutRunner Core version runs up to 10 mph and has a battery life of one hour. It is controlled via a standard remote control. The robot has 6 legs and is equipped with a Universal Camera Mount. The OutRunner Core is about 1.5 foot tall and weighs a little bit less than 3 pounds.

The Outrunner Performance version runs at twice the speed with double the battery life. The robot comes with a dozen legs and will be able to run with six, eight, 10 or all 12 legs. It is controllable via a remote or via a smartphone. The robot also has a Universal Camera Mount, and sensor data and video can be live streamed on a smartphone via WiFi. The Outrunner Performance is slightly taller than 2 feet and weighs about 5 pounds.

The fundraising goal is $150,000, the minimum amount needed to keep the project going. “This money will help us finish up the design and get the first produced units in our backers’ hands,” according to the company’s Kickstarter profile. The company plans to ship its first models in July 2015.

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