Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday April 24th 2018

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Winners & Losers 7/10/13


Daniel Lucas
University of West Florida Foundation, Inc. recently announced Lucas as its new Chief Financial Officer. He will oversee the foundation’s stewardship and acceptance of private gifts and resources from generous donors for the benefit of UWF’s mission and vision. Prior to accepting his role at UWF, Lucas worked with KPMG’s vast array of clients including entrepreneurial companies, not-for-profit companies and large government agencies. His background knowledge includes financial statement audit work.

Samantha Mortimer
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida recently announced Mortimer as 2013 Big of the Year for Santa Rosa County. She was matched with her Little Sister in January 2013, when the girl was 5. Mortimer had to contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters case manager when she discovered the abuse her “little” was suffering in her home. Thanks to her bravery and quick action, her Little Sister was removed from the abusive environment and is living a much happier life with relatives in south Florida.

The residents of Wedgewood, Rolling Hills and Olive Heights have organized an effective protest over the landfills surrounding their community. Other neighborhood associations have begun to show their support and will join their voices with them. A sleeping lion has awakened and county and state officials have taken notice.


Charlie Crist
Another campaign lead has evaporated and early supporters are beginning to lose faith in the former Republican governor who switched to the Democratic Party in hopes of winning his old job back. The recent release of “The Chairman,” a book about Jim Greer, former Crist supporter and chairman of the Florida Republican Party, has not abated the growing sense that this race will be a repeat of his 2010 loss to Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate.

Department of Economic Opportunity
Florida taxpayers could be on the hook for nearly $2 billion in legal claims according to a whistleblower who said the state agency wrongly reported 19,000 Floridians to collections agencies. While Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has called the allegations “meritless,” the state did settle with the fired whistleblower, Dianne Parcell, for $250,000.

Laura Rivero Levey
The Miami Beach Republican was disqualified from the House District 113 race because her qualifying check bounced. Department of State spokeswoman Brittany Lesser said in an email to the News Service of Florida that Levey’s “qualifying check was returned so she is no longer qualified.” However, Republican Party of Florida spokeswoman Susan Hepworth blamed a bank for the mix-up and said she doesn’t consider the situation closed. We thought Republicans are the ones who know how to manage money.