Pensacola, Florida
Sunday June 16th 2019


Winners & Losers 7/31/14

Tracy and Tamron Goodson
The Pensacola couple was recently awarded Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Franchisee of the Year Award. These entrepreneurs have grown their two Beef O’Brady’s locations by more than 40 percent. The award is given to a franchise owner who represents the spirit of the company by being a positive force and being in the stores as full-time owners. It is voted on by the franchise consultants in the field as well as the marketing staff in the corporate office who work closely with franchise owners.

University of West Florida
The Chronicle of Higher Education lists the institution as one of the Great Colleges to Work For. The results are based on a survey of more than 43,000 employees at 278 colleges and universities. Only 92 institutions gained recognition for specific best practices and policies. The survey is organized into 12 “Great College” categories, including collaborative governance, diversity and job satisfaction.

The National Flight Academy recently announced that FedEx has provided scholarships for 108 middle and high school students from the Memphis area to attend a six-day program at the academy.  Participants lived aboard the virtual aircraft carrier, Ambition, where they experienced an aviation-based adventure that utilized STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Captain Ed Lyons, Vice President of Safety and Airworthiness at FedEx Express, was the guest speaker at the National Flight Academy graduation event.

Escambia County Staff
Nine years ago the Escambia County Commission passed ordinances regulating borrow pits. Four county administrators and two county attorneys failed to enforce the laws designed to protect the environment and the public. The only pit that has a permit to operate legally was approved a few weeks ago. The rich and powerful apparently don’t have the same rules as the rest of us.

Pensacola Public Records Department
Last year, the State Attorney’s Office blasted the city of Pensacola for its failure to adequately or timely respond to public records requests. Mayor Ashton Hayward spent tens of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars training his staff, buying software and hiring a public records coordinator. Still citizens aren’t getting their records on a timely basis.

American Academies of Pediatrics
The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled that doctors do not have the right to ask patients if they own a firearm when unnecessary to a patient’s care. The Florida chapters of the American Academies of Pediatrics and American College of Physicians, along with a number of other groups and individuals backed by the anti-gun community, filed this lawsuit against the State of Florida after Governor Rick Scott signed a bill backed by the National Rifle Association in 2011. The judges ruled that the practice of good medicine does not require interrogation about irrelevant, private matters.