Pensacola, Florida
Saturday April 21st 2018


CPR for All

By Jennifer Leigh

Just like you might go through CPR and first-aid training to take care of your babies, you can also become certified in pet first-aid to take care of your furbabies.

Beachside Certifications, LLC teaches both.

Sherry Blauner, owner and trainer of Beachside Certifications, made the decision to offer canine and feline first-aid knowing how important pets are to a family.

“I know personally, I would give my dog a kidney—you know, if our blood types matched up,” she said.

Pet first-aid is different from treating humans in emergency situations. It’s important to note that even if you have had CPR and first-aid training for humans, it doesn’t all apply to your pet.

“One of the differences is, you muzzle them,” Blauner explained. “People won’t typically try to bite you when you perform CPR. And instead of breathing into their mouth, you breathe in their nose.”

Other differences include compressions—you won’t do as many for a pet as you would for a human because dogs and cats have a smaller lung capacity—and checking the pulse—you check a dog’s pulse in their rear back legs or behind elbows.

Part of the pet first-aid training includes what to do if your dog or cat is choking or if they ingested something poisonous, how to treat shock and loss of blood.

“It’s a good piece of mind to have,” Blauner said. “A few years ago, my dog got sick from treats we bought that were poisoned. I remember feeling helpless at the vet’s office. Now, I feel like I have the knowledge for emergency situations.”

Pet first-aid training is about two hours and includes a certificate of completion as well as a booklet with all of the information from the training course. The certification is good for two years.

“It’s important to be prepared to respond in emergency situations,” Blauner said. “Animals are a part of the family, we know they’re more than furry friends.”

Beachside Certifications serves Panama City to Pensacola. Courses are $45 per person. Schedule your own pet first-aid course by visiting