Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Primary Primer

If everything you know about the upcoming Primary Election is based on campaign ads and fundraising emails, you might think Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist are the only guys on the ballot. But even though they appear to be campaigning against each other already, they both have primary opponents to beat first.

Scott has two challengers: Yinka Abosede Adeshina and Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder. Crist, a newcomer to the Democratic Party, must take on Nan Rich, a former state rep. and state senator.

There’s also a contest for Attorney General on the Democrat ticket, a County Commission race with candidates on both sides and two nonpartisan races (Circuit Judge, 1st Judicial Circuit, Group 2 and School Board District 3).

To help you learn more about all the candidates, we did a mock ballot and included each candidate’s website. Most have easy to find and read “About me” and “Issues” pages (and if they don’t you might want to make note of that when debating who to vote for). We also did a breakdown of the Crist/Rich race—because it’s the most contested of all the statewide races on the ballot.