Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday March 19th 2019


Loud and Quiet Can Be the Same Thing

By Hana Frenette

Who is Patrick Shuttleswerth? What have we done to deserve the doling out of deafness from a person whose name sounds only vaguely familiar?

“My name is Patrick Shuttleswerth—I don’t have a middle name for religious reasons,” Shuttleswerth said. “I don’t desire your deafness—what I desire is your attention.”

In attempts to acquire that attention, Shuttleswerth puts on quite a show. One that often has three distinct parts and involves almost no amps or the use of microphones.

“My guitar isn’t even plugged in,” Shuttleswerth said. “So it’s kind of a joke because it’s impossible to be deafened by a guy playing without amplification.”

Shuttleswerth usually takes the stage in costume and sings a few songs with the crowd karaoke style, with the words displaying across the screen on stage.

“We’ll sing some fun things together like ‘Under the Bridge,’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers or maybe something more upbeat from the Disney cannon of music,” Shuttleswerth said.

And although Patrick usually sheds his Mardi Gras worthy costumes halfway through the show, he highly encourages others to wear a costume as well, organ themed or otherwise.

“If people attending the show would like to come in costume, I think they’d feel very comfortable,” he said. “Dress as your favorite part of the human body and we can take all the parts and form a Voltron. Or come as your favorite state and we can all stand on each other’s shoulders.”

Then at some point, Shuttleswerth will make up a song about the people in the crowd, and follow that with several original songs of his own that the audience is asked to pick from.

“I’ll eventually take requests from my own list of songs, but I’ll ask the crowd something like, ‘OK guys, would you rather hear a song about a feral cat giving birth under a house or a song about falling in love when you’re 17, but you don’t really know what love is so you’re just obsessed?’” Shuttleswerth explained.

With all the audience participation and singing that goes on, you’re more likely to leave one of these shows mute than you are deaf, or at least a little hoarse.

Theatrics play a big role for Shuttleswerth and not simply for aesthetics alone.

“When I was a teenager, I would see this ska band Pain, from Alabama, play a lot. Not to be confused with the band PAYNE from the Pensacola area who made noise. Pain’s songs were very wacky but approachable,” Shuttleswerth said. “No matter how sincere the singer’s words were, he’d always have a smirk on his face. And they just played with this sense of urgency that made you feel like every song they were playing was the most important song they could be playing for you!”

Patrick wants you to feel the same way at his shows. Important. Engaged. And most importantly, entertained.

“I’m a brilliant entertainer, but a mediocre songwriter at best,” Shuttleswerth said. “I’m not Kurt Cobain or the fucking lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire. I’m just some white dude from the suburbs who wants to dance around unencumbered by a mic or amplification and just sing to the people who are there.”

Lastly, all of the singing, audience participation and costume flaunting will take place under the watchful eye of a muted Seinfeld episode, playing on a large screen TV on stage. What would Jerry think?

“Jerry probably wouldn’t have an opinion because he has the ability to ignore reality. But George Costanza, because he’s always panicked, would find it inherently offensive,” Shuttleswerth said.

Whether you enjoy improv, shiny outfits, lyrics about cats, or the demonstration of loudness without a mic, there will probably be something you like about watching Shuttleswerth perform.

“If you feel like having a good time, if you like to feel divine, and you are too fine for prime time, come on down to Sluggo’s round 9!,” Shuttleswerth said.

Patrick Shuttleswerth Wants to Make You Deaf with Special Guests Jpegasus, Glass Mattress Couches and Dinosaur Daze
WHEN: 9.m. Friday, Sept. 19
WHERE: Sluggo’s, 101 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $5