Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 14th 2019


The Buzz 12/4/14

Pensacola Reboot Begins Mayor Ashton Hayward and the three council members recently re-elected were all sworn in on Tuesday, Nov. 25. Each was given the opportunity to address the audience.

Councilman Larry Johnson said he was “incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to continue serving.” He asked the council to “find ways to come together and cooperate in spirit, to work together and to work with the mayor to keep moving Pensacola forward.

“I hope that all of us on the council will not only be respectful of each other, but respectful of each other’s time and most of all, respectful of the people’s time,” Johnson said. “Together I believe we can accomplish amazing things on the behalf of our citizens who elected us to serve.”

Councilwoman Sherri Myers bragged about District 2, which she fondly referred to as “Uptown.”

“District 2 and the Uptown district is an economic engine, robust and vital to the overall well-being of the city, the county and the region,” Myers said. “Uptown is the home to hundreds of businesses, quality hotels, an international airport, an emerging aerospace industry, an expanding medical complex with Sacred Heart at its core, a state college with quality education, a renowned visual arts center, four public schools and great neighborhoods.”

She said that she looked forward to working with the mayor to bring about a more equitable distribution of the city’s resources, including LOST funds, into her district.

“I look forward to the tremendous possibilities we have in this city to address many of the issues we have not had the resources to address, because we will have a good round of LOST and RESTORE funds,” Myers said. “The possibilities for this city are tremendous, and I’m very excited about the entire city and also, of course, District 2.”

Councilman Brian Spencer said he saw his reelection as confirmation of his efforts for the city and District 6 and gave his “heartfelt thanks to everyone out in, certainly, in District 6 and the city of Pensacola that provided me the opportunity to stand here today.”

Spencer was optimistic about the next four years. “I consider the re-election results to be a confirmation that the District 6 voters have granted me the privilege to serve another four years, and most importantly not just the privilege, but the responsibility.

“I want to help all of us s to represent you effectively,” Spencer told the audience. “I want to uphold what I hope will be a continued healthy and respectful debate, a debate that allows all of us to leave our personal bias behind when we are up here and we are taking action in the form of a vote.”

He added, “What I strive to do is to make every vote a vote that pushes our city forward and makes this a better place to live for all citizens.”

Once the council members were sworn in, the body elected, by secret ballot, its president and vice president. After several rounds of voting, Councilman Andy Terhaar, the council’s youngest member, edged out the outgoing president, Jewel Cannada-Wynn. Larry Johnson won the vice president post over Sherri Myers.

Then Mayor Ashton Hayward, accompanied by his wife An and son Aiden, was sworn in to office. He, too, addressed the audience. His speech focused on the city’s accomplishments of the past four years.

“Downtown is in the middle of a renaissance,” he said. “We’re creating value where entrepreneurs want to bring their business here and people want to live downtown.”

He committed to continue with his vision for Pensacola.

Hayward said, “We have great things going on in Pensacola. I’m going to continue to serve with that vision, that passion, that energy and that vigor to create the place where Pensacola can be one of the greatest cities in America, and definitely in the state of Florida. “