Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


Film: Life As We Know it

Predictable romantic comedy (with a baby thrown in for that extra cute factor)? Check.

“There’s no escaping the sitcom premise — mismatched couple who hate each other reluctantly forced to raise orphaned baby — but Life as We Know It milks its formula (pardon the expression) for about all it can.” – Brian Lowry, Variety Magazine

“Berlanti tries to avoid making his characters two-dimensional, balancing the rough with the smooth with little gems of surprise delight through a relatively smart script. As a first foray into mainstream feature film-making, he doesn’t fare too badly, helped by the Heigl/Duhamel appeal, whilst taking a leaf out of the feel-good Meyers romcom production manual and in doing so, targeting a wider audience.” – Lisa Giles-Keddie,

Life as We Know It…goes down like comic comfort food, especially for anybody who’s ever dealt with parenthood.  A baby makes us grow up and changes our lives and as this film points out, that’s not just a diaper joke.” – Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

Life As We Know It opens Friday, October 8. Check out movie times here.