Pensacola, Florida
Sunday October 21st 2018


Outtakes—Compelling News

The daily newspaper published on Sunday, Jan. 4 its editorial plan for 2015. The News Journal will focus on education, storm water improvements and infrastructure side of public safety, such as better roads and sidewalks.

All are worthy topics that deserve the attention that the daily newspaper will place on them.

Inweekly will do what we’ve done from the very beginning. We will focus on people and how decisions and events impact them. Our goal will be to write compelling articles that make you care about the struggles and triumphs of those who live in the community that we all call home.

We will continue to interview and profile the newsmakers so that you can hear their thoughts, ideas and plans in their words. This week, reporter Shelby Smithey interviewed the new president of the Pensacola branch of the NAACP, Charles Thornton, and we learned what his plans are for 2015.

Jennifer Leigh’s “Finally We Can” tells how locals in the LGBT community reacted to Florida finally joining the other 35 states that recognize same-sex marriages. The issue was one this newspaper has supported, and we believed it was important to hear the impact on those who have waited for that moment for decades.

Our story “2015 To Do List” is part of our commitment to cover local government. Being a watchdog requires we understand what the local officials see as their issues and priorities. We took the time to listen to county, city, ECUA and school district officials and see what’s “on their plates” for 2015. The article will help all of us measure their performance in the coming months.

Yes, we will still have investigative reports. Our reputation was built on stories regarding jail deaths, human trafficking, murders of Bud and Melanie Billings, BP oil spill, civil rights and government corruption. Last year, we dug into the landfills, dumps and pits in the Wedgewood community and into the explosion at the county jail. Both stories are still on our radar.

In 2015, we will still push ideas, challenge the status quo, prick the comfortable and try to ask questions that some would rather not have to answer. We, too, will write about education, storm water and safe neighborhoods, and we will try to add perspective by “connecting the dots” on these stories better than anyone else.

We hope you will enjoy it.