Pensacola, Florida
Monday July 22nd 2019


Seven Days 10.14

Monday, Oct. 4
A safe with more than $20,000 in it is stolen from Steve Barnhill’s Buffet on Brent Lane.

Tuesday, Oct. 5
Arson is suspected in a fire that destroys an abandoned Molino home. Authorities do not know how long the house has been vacant.

Wednesday, Oct. 6
Gulf Power Co. releases a letter to downtown businesses and residents detailing its upgrades and repairs. Since last month, outages related to a damaged power switch have affected more than 800 customers.

Thursday, Oct. 7
BP officials tell Escambia County Commissioners that their oil spill cleanup effort will cease by spring.

Friday, Oct. 8
The accused leader and gunman of the murders of Melanie and Byrd Billings attends a hearing to learn where his trial will be held. Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. will likely remain in the four-county judicial circuit.

Saturday, Oct. 9
Gay couples from around Northwest Florida gather in Seville Square for the “Wedding of the Hearts.” The symbolic event brings 20 couples together for commitment ceremonies.

Sunday, Oct. 10
Calvary Baptist Church in Allentown celebrates 100 years as a church with a centennial event that includes a luncheon, historical items and a special evening service.

News of the Week
Cyclist Roger Grooters is hit and killed on his bicycle while nearing the end of a fundraising journey across the U.S. The 66-year-old is hit by a Chevrolet pickup truck in Bay County on Wednesday.