Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday August 14th 2018


Rock and Roll Relationships

By Shelby Smithey

Brian Bell, guitarist from Weezer, and Nate Shaw, known for playing with punk band U.S. Bombs, will be playing with their band, The Relationship, at Vinyl Music Hall on May 5.

Originally formed in 2006, The Relationship released their self-titled debut album in 2010. Nearly five years later, The Relationship has brought on bassist Jon LaRue, Stroke’s co-founder Albert Hammond Jr.’s songwriting partner and Anthony Burulcich, drummer for The Bravery. The band just released a 7” on Burger Records and are on a one-month tour with Gringo Star before finalizing their new album.

INWEEKLY: How was The Relationship originally formed? How did you meet Nate Shaw?
BELL: The Relationship was formed out of a mutual musical respect between Nate and myself. Nate and I met at music school. He was wearing a Chameleons UK shirt and I was wearing a Butthole Surfers shirt in the heyday of hair metal bands, so we bonded on our eclectic tastes. We later brought in Jon LaRue on bass and Anthony Burulcich on drums. I was friends with Jon for a few years and I decided that it’s much more important to play with players that you get along with socially before you embark on a musical journey. The same is true with Anthony, although I didn’t know him as long. I just knew that he was a great drummer.

INWEEKLY: The tour coincides with the release of the single “Oh Allen” and B-side “Young Temptations” on Burger Records. What was the reasoning behind releasing it with them?
BELL: Nate grew up in the Orange County DIY music scene and Burger hails from O.C. and is the epitome of that, so it was a natural fit. “Oh Allen” is a buddy song about two longtime friends who were once inseparable. Allen follows his dreams of being an artist while the friend conforms to societies demands but cheers him on as “one of the faces in the crowd.” The song resonated with Nate and myself because we were actually the character of Allen, or what Allen represented to us, while friends and family, as supportive as they must be, are the ones speaking of us in an “Oh that Nate and Brian…” sort of way.

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