Pensacola, Florida
Monday September 16th 2019


Hangout Fest ’15: The Ultimate “It” Girl

Jenny Lewis has pretty much always been perfect.

For starters, she was a hell of a child star. I mean, who didn’t love “Troop Beverly Hills”?

Then she became a musician and has since given us some beautiful love songs with her beau Johnny and some totally different, yet still beautiful, songs when she teamed up with The Watson Twins. And who could forget those duets from The Postal Service classic “Give Up”?

And, of course, Rilo Kiley—where she secured her status as indie rock’s reigning queen. If you didn’t fall in love with Jenny on those records, you’re crazy.

We are now lucky enough to be living in the era of Jenny Lewis, straight up solo artist, and guess what? She’s still killing it. In fact, “The Voyager” might just be her strongest effort to date. We know that’s a lofty statement given all of her past gems, but we mean it. It really is pretty much flawless—just like Jenny.

3:45-5 p.m. Friday
Hangout Stage