Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday March 19th 2019


Hangout Fest ’15: Hangout 101

Because we want to you thrive and not just survive this weekend, here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years. You can thank us by heeding tip #5 and not slowing down the entry line by getting busted with mini bottles, deal?

#1 Don’t Hangout Without
Sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, maybe a hat, wet wipes, cash and a paper copy of the schedule and map—these are our tested, tried and true Hangout essentials. It’s probably a safe bet to assume you’ll need all of these things at least once a day.

#2 Beer, Water, Beer, Water…
If you’re going to day drink, you should make this alternating game your mantra—even if you aren’t feeling particularly buzzed or dehydrated. And we completely recommend that you save any booze other than beer for happy hour and beyond. That mid-day beach sun really will sneak up on you.

#3 Go For The Spice
If you find yourself hungry and overwhelmed by choices or just indecisive, always opt for the Spicy Pie. Always.

#4 God Bless The Hangout
Not only does the actual Hangout keep their kitchen open and bars fully stocked throughout the weekend, they’re also nice enough to keep their bathrooms open to festival goers. And don’t sweat it if you see a line, it moves insanely fast and is well worth the short wait for access to a real (and super clean) toilet.

#5 Don’t Even Try It
The Hangout team doesn’t play when it comes to security searching upon entry to the festival. So whatever you’re thinking about sneaking in, don’t. (And just in case you have questions about what you and can’t bring in, we’ve got you covered—just keep reading)

#6 Surfs Up
Historically the sound hasn’t been super loud at the secondary beach stage, so if a band you really want to see is playing the Surf Stage make sure you get there early.  Any spot in front of the sound booth and you should be ok, behind it and beyond you run the risk of spotty sound—that’s our personal rule based on past experiences with bands like The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips.

#7 Wait It Out
If you’ve worked your way up in the crowd at the Hangout Stage, don’t try and leave right when the band ends. It’s way too crazy. Just wait it out and enjoy the fireworks—that’s what they’re there for after all.

#8 Pick A Spot
Let’s be real—your phone is either going to be dead or not working by the end of the night, so you should go ahead and designate a meeting spot with your friends. It will make your life infinitely easier. The Ferris wheel, the main entry gate and back at the condo are what we usually go with on this one.

Yes And No

Sunscreen? Sure. Selfie stick? Not so much.

While most of the stuff you can and can’t take into Hangout Fest is pretty much common sense, we’ve included the festival’s official list just in case you have questions while packing. Remember you can bring a bag, just make sure it’s small and easy for security to go through because it will be checked. And yes, there will be express entrance line for fans who come without backpacks, so if you are low maintenance you’ll be ahead of the game.

•Blankets and beach towels
•Non-professional cameras (that means no detachable lenses)
•1 EMPTY water container up to 2 liters in size
•Camelbak style water bottles are also allowed—but again, they must be EMPTY
•Prescription medicine—but it must be in a marked bottle that matches your ID
•Baby strollers and/or small wagons (for those attending the festival with toddlers)
•Hangout encourages attendees not to bring backpacks but if you just have to do it, it can’t be larger than 20 x 15 x 13.

•Weapons of any kind
•Illegal substances (including narcotics) or drug paraphernalia
•Framed or large backpacks (larger than a 20 x 15 x 13).
•Glass containers
•Outside food or beverages
•Motorized carts or scooters—unless ADA verified
•Bicycles (inside festival grounds—bike racks will be available near the entrance)
•Large chains or spiked jewelry (spikes longer than 3/4 of an inch will be confiscated)
•Fireworks / Sparklers / Firecrackers
•Chinese lanterns
•Chairs of any kind
•Coolers of any size
•Tents or canopies of any kind
•Pets (except service dogs)
•Video equipment
•Professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms or commercial use rigs)
•Any audio recording equipment
•Flags and flagpoles
•Selfie sticks
•No unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed